The PCC provides strategic direction to the action groups so they are reasonably joined up and all pulling in the same direction. There are currently eight action groups of the PCC that meet at appropriate intervals and feedback to the next PCC meeting. These cover:

  • worship,
  • pastoral care,
  • finance,
  • premises,
  • Youth and Children,
  • Safe and Welcome,
  • outreach and social events,
  • communications and Administration; and
  • Cornerstone dealing with the future development of the site .


The Groups are each tasked with drawing on the enthusiasm, skills and giftings of all members of the congregation, not just those elected to the PCC, in meeting their remit. They therefore may, be chaired/led by church members other than those serving on the PCC, although each action group should ideally have at least one PCC member on it. They too must seek PCC approval before making major changes or incurring significant costs.

Action Groups members 6 August 2016