Men’s Lunch

When:     Last Friday of the Month, 12:30 pm

At :   The Pheasant in Bath Road.

Contact: Chris Thompson, 01249 460423

St Peter’s Church Men’s Luncheon

Established a number of years ago now, a group of men from the church congregation decided to have lunch together, once each month, for fellowship.  Men came from both the Sunday Service and the Wednesday morning service to get to know each other and to become friends with the intention of supporting St Peter’s Church.

What might have been seen as a formal, seriously minded event has developed into a monthly meeting of friends who are always prepared to welcome newcomers.  The topics for discussion are not limited to matters pertaining to the church.  In fact, most of the meal is taken with outbursts of laughter and general good humour on a wide range of topics brought by members.

There is no formal ‘agenda’.  Members can bring along any matter that they would like to discuss with the group as a whole or with an individual.  The strength of the group comes from support each individual member can get.  If sensitive matters arise then confidentiality is the watchword.

Support has been given to some members for subjects ranging from turning steps into a slope for a member finding the need for a mobility scooter access, to personal matters where the availability of a carer is not available.  In either case, responsibility for confidentiality is respected.

But the conversations are not limited to these kinds of topics by any means.  We share our experiences that have occurred over the previous month usually with good humour and respect for the storyteller.  Most of the exchanges tend towards fun, though nobody has choked as a result of a witticism… yet.

The meetings are usually held on the last Friday of each month with the majority being held in the Carvery at the Pheasant in Bath Road.  However, just for an occasional change, they have been held at the Fortune Inn, a very pleasant Chinese Restaurant in Sheldon Road.   The cost for a meal with a drink is usually around £12.50p but that depends on the taste of each member.

The co-ordinator of the Luncheon Club is Chris Thompson and he can be reached on Chippenham 460423 if you would like more information.