Chippenham Street Pastors

Chippenham Street Pastors

The Chippenham Street Pastors are all volunteers from local churches, including St Peter’s.  They give their time freely in order to make Chippenham a safer place where people of all ages can enjoy themselves.  They went live in September 2011 and now have 28 members trained up and on the streets of the town.  They operate every Saturday to help people get home safely after a night out.

The street pastors motto is ‘caring, listening and helping’.  They assist in a variety of ways by supporting people who have:

  • had too much to drink;
  • have been abandoned by friends;
  • whose feet may have been damaged by fashionable shoes; or
  • are just cold and wet and simply need to be directed to a taxi to get home.

“Being a street pastor gives me an opportunity to give something back to my local community. When somebody says ‘thank you’ it makes it all worthwhile.”

Senior Street Pastor, Michael Weeks

Contact: Michael Weeks
Tel: 01249 321052