St Peter’ Church

Wednesday 31st March 2021
Church open 10-11.30am to journey in private prayer with the Station’s of Jesus Cross

Today is known as Spy Wednesday.

‘Putting a price on love’ – Moving from Holy Week to Easter.

30 pieces of silver was Judas’ price for Jesus’ betrayal into cruel hands – life given away & Judas still abandoned by his paymasters. Yet it took the worst of us to prove God’s love, to be our saving story. 
Giving his own life away, Jesus gave life to us for ever. Let’s learn that whatever we’ve done, whatever it costs, God will not say to us: ‘See to it yourself. You’re on your own.’ Life is never just our problem – always God’s problem! the good news of Jesus’ cross? That God never leaves us alone!
Covid has shown many of us the need for human love to be much more like this, 
not just heartfelt, but hand-held, hands held out for us – however remotely.
Dear God, 
we betray/are betrayed, 
break/are broken 
but this week, Jesus showed 
that your love never fails; 
help us hang on to your love 
now and forever. Amen

During this week there will be fewer services available on email or online than usual – but we will offer changing images of the Stations of the Cross from St Peter’s as the Cover Image of our Facebook Page.

You are also welcome to worship at St Peter’s Church 
at 7pm Maundy Thursday and 2pm Good Friday.
with warm and prayerful regards


Caring for and Carrying Each Other      Brenna Davis

“Will you lay down your life for me?” John 13:38

During recent spiritual direction sessions, we’ve been exploring how I don’t feel spiritually strong enough to carry the world’s pain. A sense of being tossed around on a boat during a storm without firm footing is with me every time I read the newest headline. It hurts too much to care, and I have used my old friends—distraction and avoidance—to try to calm the storm and quell the pain.

Having a job that allows me the privilege to work remotely, I’ve also been able to go into physical hiding from this suffering during the pandemic. My home and its promise of safety and comfort have been my “tomb” this past year. While we prepare for Jesus to emerge from his tomb this Easter, I have the sense of wanting to stay in here a little longer. Even though I know there is life and goodness waiting outside, I don’t feel ready to engage.

For this reason, I am captivated by the image of Veronica wiping Jesus’ face in the Stations of the Cross. She does what I feel I cannot; Veronica looks into the eyes of the world’s suffering through Jesus and responds with compassionate love in action. While I am sure she is filled with deep grief and sadness at the fate of her dear friend, she has the interior freedom and fortitude to hold space for pain and woundedness in the face of despair.

Veronica invites us to gaze lovingly into the woundedness of the world, and St. Ignatius  asks us to consider what is preventing the interior freedom to open our hearts fully. We cannot care for or carry each other at a distance—we know that the only way to sustain the long journey towards justice is in community.

For Reflection:

  • How are you being called to emerge from the tomb this Easter season?
  • In what ways do you attempt to avoid or distract yourself from the world’s suffering?
  • How do you sustain yourself ?


Sunday 28th March 2021

Greetings to you all at the outset of Holy Week, and on the cusp of British Summertime.- do remember to put your clocks forward an hour – especially if you are planning on attending St Peter’s tomorrow at 10am. The Worship Resource is available to print off in the file below.
While actual services of worship happen only on Thursday (7pm) and Friday (2pm) this week – it is possible to follow your own act of private prayer around the Stations ,10-11.30am on Wednesday.
On Easter Day, attendance at either 8 or 10am will need a reservation in adavance – do please let me know, or sign up tomorrow.

Worship Resources PSun

If you are not planning to attend tomorrow – you might like to take advantage of the recorded video on the St Peter’s Chippenham FaceBook Page – no need to belong to FB (or be put off by any strange Lingo below, just click on the link –


Reflection on Saturday’s readings:

Listening for the Spirit’s Movement  By Ellie Hidalgo

Can we open our hearts in the global north to the
movement of the Spirit in the global south? 

In today’s Gospel reading, Jesus is being criticized by the religious leaders of his day for disrupting their established order. In fear, they convince themselves that the only way to keep their authority is to plot to kill Jesus. Their hearts are closed to the new thing the Holy Spirit is doing in their midst.

This reading challenges us to ask ourselves if there are places in our lives where we reject the movement of the Spirit. Are our hearts open to the disruption the Spirit may cause as we discern the changes we must make to transform our lives and our world?

Recently, I’ve listened to the stories of Catholic women engaged in ministry with faith communities in the Amazon region of Latin America. They are part of the massive effort to create a more synodal, listening, participatory Church that unites in its struggle for an integral ecology to care for our common home. In the Amazon, which encompasses parts of Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Columbia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana, they are committed to spreading the culture of buen vivir (good living) which seeks to live with roots of love for all people and in harmony with God’s creation.

Are we in the global north ready to journey in solidarity with our sisters and brothers in the global south? The Amazon Synod invites people of faith to be attentive to the movement of the Holy Spirit in our times and to listen to and dialogue with poor and indigenous people as they labor to sustain the rainforest and preserve the lungs of our planet. In faith, and not fear, they urge us to pray and to discern the changes we must make individually and collectively to be in right relationship with one another and with our common home.

For Reflection:

  • How can I, as a person of faith living in the U.K., open my heart to the movement of the Holy Spirit in the Amazonian Church?
  • What does encounter, dialogue, discernment, and solidarity look like for me in these times?

Wednesday 24tht March 2021
Day of Reflection on Lockdown Anniversary

Video Link from St Peter’s Church. Reflection at Noon.

Apologies for my omission earlier of this emailed provision for midweek worship. Recording the vigil and today’s service has got tangled up in many good things – but knocked me temporarily off course since yesterday tea-time. So here is some midweek worship, recording, and reflection on the readings we have.
Please let me have any of your own concerns, thoughts or examples of light relief that might keep us all afloat.
This evening is a chance to have your say about what the Church of England needs to focus on in our parishes, in the diocese and our communities. If you wish to join in please email me pretty swiftly so I can let you have the Zoom code ahead of our 7-8pm meet.
warm and prayerful regards


Worship Resources 2103.7

No Matter the Cost
By Fr. Ike Udoh, S.J.

“There is nothing more majestic than the determined courage of individuals willing to suffer and sacrifice for their freedom and dignity.”
-Martin Luther King, Jr.

God invites us to freedom, faith, and a fierce commitment to the Truth. These perennial values are nowhere more clearly displayed than in the readings we have today about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, who chose to suffer and die, rather than bow down to the gods of their age. Jesus also tells ‘those who believed him’ that for freedom to be manifest in their lives, they must remain in his word, and so become his disciples.

And what an example Jesus had already given:

  1. Saving a couple from shame by a miraculous provision of wine.
  2. Healing the son of a centurion (a gentile outside his tribe).
  3. Schooling a great leader of the people (Nicodemus) on the a, b, c’s of giving birth to a whole new paradigm through the Spirit coming from above that recreates all things.
  4. Breaking barriers by interacting with a Samaritan woman and then spending time among the once marginalized.
  5. Ending the misery of a crippled man discouraged by 38 years of trying to reach leftovers for so many who were oppressed.
  6. Seeing the hunger of those around him and insisting that his disciples not dismiss them, but feed them. Then taking, blessing, and sharing what they had till everyone was satisfied and there were leftovers.
  7. Teaching the people in the synagogue, “Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink” because I will share what vivifies me (my Spirit) with them.
  8. Refusing to stand in judgment over a woman caught in adultery, so that she could walk out of what enslaved her, into deeper freedom and life.

This is the commitment we are invited to make, the example we are called to live by, no matter the cost.

For Reflection:

  • Which of these examples given by Jesus most speak to you?
  • How are you called to deepen your commitment to the Truth—to dignity and justice for all people?

Monday 22nd March 2021

Restricted funerals and their impact on grief | The Church of England

Sunday 21st March 2021

Greetings to you all,

and thank you keeping company with us over the coming weeks through all the changes,
even as we contemplate the unchanging love of God for us all in Christ.
Please click on the link below to be able to view worship from St Peter’s Church
– you will not need to join facebook to do so,
Service words are available below, as is a summary of the latest chapters in our Lent Book.

It would be great to hear your advice and priorities for the local Church of England
this week under the banner of Transforming Church (on Zoom),
please let me know if you are willing to join in.
warm and prayerful regards

Worship Resources 2103.6

Sam Wells 1.5

A Different Path
By Deborale Richardson-Phillips, Ph.D.

In the 24th book of the Bible we are privy to an encounter between God and Jeremiah.  Based on lineage, Jeremiah should have been a priest; yet he was chosen to share God’s desire to restore his relationship with the people of Judah through the creation of a second covenant.  For decades, Jeremiah shared God’s message but the people did not listen.

While I’m not a prophet, there are days when I feel God’s call to walk in the shoes of Jeremiah.  Like Jeremiah, I had aspirations that would suggest a different path. I completed my Ph.D. at the University of Delaware at 27yrs old and intended to be the president of a Historically Black College or University (HBCU) by the time I was 40 years old. However, my path was forever changed by an experience with a domestic violence victim that opened my eyes to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

For decades, I have experienced attacks and witnessed attacks on humanity and homeland; yet I’m still sharing his message. God has opened doors for me to work at restoring the covenant to “obey him and love others” or risk continued discord and destruction in the world. The term “cultural competence” is not in the Bible, but God is the epitome of it. We consistently witness God’s willingness to meet the needs of people in all walks of life. Cultural competence is where God writes in our hearts, rather than on tablets, the desires of his heart as suggested with the second covenant.  I also labor with the hope that others will understand that reconciliation is not only about repairing a relationship with your neighbor, but restoring your relationship with Christ.

For Reflection:

  • There will come a time when you have to choose a path. Will you go your own way? Or will you choose to follow the calling from God?

Invitation to St Peter’s folk to join in our Diocese’s Consultation:

Transforming Church 25 March 7.30-9pm

We want to have group conversations right across the diocese in our 200+ churches and seven deaneries. The conversation could be held in PCCs, home groups, youth groups, music groups, special interest groups, synods, chapters… A wide variety.

We know this engagement begins as we are living amongst a pandemic and all its challenges to us personally, as churches and communities. Therefore, all these group conversations will happen on Zoom and can be taken up to the extent that people have capacity. Let’s be kind to one another.

Also, we hope these conversations can be life-giving at a tough time – a chance to notice all of the good things in our churches and an opportunity to seek God’s presence and leading.

The conversations will be structured around six focused questions and facilitated by Andrew who then shares the themes and inputs from the members of the group through an online survey, so that everything is captured and considered as we shape our future together.
I do hope that enough of you still feel some stake in the future of your Church and its wider issues to take part in this exercise. It should be fun as well if we do not take ourselves too seriously. I suppose this is just another rendition of the now traditional St Peter’s Online Quiz Night – but it has serious benefits as well for the team who will draw up Diocese of Bristol Plans for the next 5 years or so.

Please reply to let me know of your interest – the Zoom link will be on it’s way in the near future.


Wednesday 17th March 2021

Welcome to our Worship Resources for St Patrick’s Day.
Please feel free to download the text of the service at the foot of the page so you can follow, You can also pause for a different direction of travel in the thoughts immediately below, and if you like to watch the action too, then here is the video link from 10am tomorrow: In case you are  less familiar with the opening hymn and the source of the second excerpt as well, they are both from ‘St Patrick’s Breastplate’

Worship Resources 2103.5

The Last Shall Be First
By Fr. Rafael Garcia, S.J.

Those Jesus heals represent the majority in our world, not able to get to the front of the line for an essential need.

In recent times, we have become more conscious of privilege, including white privilege and economic privilege. Privilege joins the other 3 “P’s” which are obstacles for growing the Kingdom of God. Privilege, Power (in this world), Prestige, and Possessions become stumbling blocks for simplicity of life, community, humility; for love, justice, and equality, all central to Jesus’s life and teaching.

Some essential “lines” today include COVID vaccine, immigration status, and health care. We are learning that communities of color, the poor, and developing countries lag behind in access to a possible life saving vaccine. Our broken immigration system preaches that vulnerable migrant families and individuals need to “get in the back” of a truly distorted “line.” Remember, if you have $1 million to invest in the U.S., you go right to the front of the line! Universal healthcare is still a dream in the wealthiest nation. Often, the infirm have to decide between buying medication or food.

Jesus seeks out those in the back of the line, as we learn in the Gospels. In God’s unfathomable Mercy, the last shall be first! Mary, Joseph and He, in the womb of Mary, experienced this when there was no room for them in the inn in Bethlehem.

Let us follow Jesus’s way, announced in his inaugural “mission statement” at the synagogue of his hometown: “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me,  because he has anointed me  to proclaim good news to the poor.  He has sent me to proclaim freedom for prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind; to set the oppressed free, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor. (Lk. 4: 18-19).

For Reflection:

  • In your work for justice and in your life, how are you called to “seek out those in the back of the line” as Jesus did?

Sunday 14th March 2021

It is late now,
and I have been so deeply concerned by the policing in London tonight,
and by a Policing Bill in Parliament this coming week that is aimed at authorising policing interventions in otherwise legal protests – (affecting even lone vigils, noise, any ‘impact’, and the freedom of The Home Secretary to redefine what is serious disruption without further recourse to parliament ) – that I have been interrupted by the urgency of writing a letter to Michelle Donelan MP tonight as well. ‘I do not know what this country is coming to’, nor why a government already with a majority of 80 needs to accrue yet more powers, other than because it can…
we must remember though that it is not just the devil in the details… indeed that the approach of passiontide is a reminder that God so loved the world that he sent his only Son into a conflict zone, caring for sheep without a shepherd.
Shepherds are’nt a bad symbol of the mothering aspects of God… so I do truly wish you a peaceful, heartening engagement with our God this Mothering Sunday in whatever way is most appropriate to you (and to any loved ones). Liturgy for the service is available at the foot of this email, as is the latest rendition of wisdom from Sam Wells: A Cross in the Heart of God,
First I offer you a clickable link to the video on FaceBook – remember no membership necessary, and please ignore the strange lingo – its just ‘the wrapping’
warm and prayerful regards
01249 448530

Sam Wells 1.4

Wednesday 10th March 2021

Midweek Morning Worship for Lent 3 

We hope this offers a brief taste of worship for today,
and whets your appetite for when we can return, hopefully in time for Holy Week.

Tuesday 9th March 2021

Pounds Art centre – Whats on


ONLINE: Dancing Through Time (via Zoom)

Join Kara Herbert for this fun and gentle dance class that you can join from the comfort of your own home. This chair-based exercises class is suitable for older adults of all fitness abilities. Let’s get together and get moving!

This series of six free sessions will be delivered on Zoom. You can attend one or come along to every class.

Monday 8th March 2021

A Reflection

Justice & Kindness

Sunday 7th March 2021

Greetings to you,
at last I can enjoy the sunnier aspects of our Lockdown Journey, and begin to feel in my bones the possibility of Lent as ‘God’s Springtime’. Perhaps you too can intuit this from the many signs of germination, budding and growth that are now showing all around us. In my case, today this required first exercises of the season with a lawnmower – which anyone watching might have found a tad hypocritical – given the length of time since I was last at the barbers!
Although our readings this weekend can hardly be said to have a sunny aspect, they do connect us with three versions of how the people of God have found it possible to meet with God – Old Testament points of connection through God’s Covenant (including lawcode) and the Jerusalem Temple; then the Christian announcement that God can be met in Christ, most clearly at his Cross.

At the foot of this email, I do hope that our continued delving into our Lent Book: A Cross in the heart of God develops these thoughts, or indeed our wide ranging worship this week, which can be experienced with a double-click below from just before 10am tomorrow onwards. (No need to join Facebook just a double click on the link in order to experience this!)


However if none of the above is relevant to your needs or thoughts at this time, perhaps the image and words from the Ignation Network will offer something stimulating and current in its eco-focus on the Prodigal Son…
An Ignatian Solidarity Network Series
Tending Our Inheritance
By Fumi Tosu

Drawdown refers to industrial civilization’s “drawing down” of the Earth’s resources at a rate many times faster than the planet can replenish them. Our society is utterly addicted to drawdowns of the life-matter provided by Mother Earth, including fresh water, forests, top soil, metals, and minerals (such as copper, cobalt, and “rare Earth”).

In Jesus’ famous parable, the younger son demands his share of the father’s inheritance, and spends it all on “a life of dissipation”—in effect, drawing down his inheritance until it is gone. In the story, a famine hits just as he has spent everything, and in desperation he decides to return home, where he hopes to find plenty. Indeed, he is not disappointed for plenty there is, not because the land in “his father’s home” has infinite reserves, but because it is well-tended by his father, older brother, and the rest of the community. We can imagine an ecosystem in balance, where humans don’t take more than the land can give, and repay the land base with careful attention and tending. There is no drawdown here.

Famine is but one natural consequence of a society bent on a life of dissipation.  Extreme weather, desertification, drought, wildfires, species extinction, and wars fought over ever more scarce resources are some others. In the story, the younger son hits rock bottom and comes to his senses. We have had our share of famine many times over. What will it take for us to say “no” to a system that is destroying life itself? How can we tend our inheritance, and leave our descendants an even richer treasure than we received?

For Reflection:

  • During this Lenten season, where are you being challenged to “tend our inheritance” as a global citizen

Wednesday 3rd March 2021

Greetings all.
I hope you are glimpsing light at the end of the tunnel by now, though whatever the balance of hope and stress is like will be very personal to each of us. Perhaps all the more reason to share your own thoughts with someone else this week??
I attach the brief service of Morning Worship, hymns included, for your participation in one way or another this week. Love Divine to be sung to a Welsh Hymn Tune, whether on Facebook or in your own home since this week started with St David’s Day. However there is a gem of a prayer focusing on the English too for St Chad’s Day, a Saint of the Celtic Tradition much travelled in this island.
I drop in a fleeting word of encouragement before our intercessory responses, but do not let that distract you from the thought-provoking Gospel in the resource sheet/recording. I also include again reflections of Pt2 of our Lent Book: A Cross in the Heart

of God by Sam Wells
St Peter’s Church, Chippenham

Your feedback is welcome as ever.
warm regards

448530 / 07734393906

Sunday 28th February 2021

God’s Promise and Invitation – Worship Resources for Second Sunday of Lent

Thursday 25th February 2021

Who knew that Thursday in the first week of Lent was such a creative moment…?
Please take a look at these things I discovered in my wanderings online this morning…
do please feel very free to come back to me with your own thoughts or queries,
perhaps your own discoveries too…
warm and prayerful regards

07734 393906 / 448530

Thursday of the First Week of Lent

Wednesday 24th February 2021

Many thanks to Pat & Sally who have really helped the recent recordings of worship to take shape,…
over the last few days it has been testing and busy packaging the various videos and resources.
I think we have found a better sound in the latest video, but we would still be grateful for any feedback.
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Morning Worship with Andrew & Pat in St Peter’s Church, Chippenham – hymns ancient & modern – a capella!

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(Sunday morning Worship from St Peter’s Chippenham so you can experience more this Lent, sound quality here was perhaps a bit more of a struggle… apologies.
What follows is a heart-warming reflection from an online source of Ignatian Spirituality (USA)…
Abundant, Steadfast Love
By Marcus Mescher

I’ll never forget the first time I held my son. After a long and difficult labor, his heart rate dropped and we nearly lost him. A traumatic birth twisted his head and neck, causing him great pain. After a round of tests and being tightly swaddled, his face was beet red from screaming. He looked terrified and helpless. The instant I cradled him in my arms, my heart swelled. I felt like the Grinch listening to Christmas carols coming from Whoville (whose heart grows three sizes); I thought my heart was going to explode out of my chest, erupting in sheer delight for this precious child. I didn’t know I was capable of feeling so much love. In that moment, I had an epiphany: This is exactly what God feels for each and every person: unconditional love, infinite joy, endless pride.   

Jesus has this tenderness and affirmation in mind when he teaches us how to pray the “Our Father.” The word he uses for “Father,” Abba, implies intimacy and affection—it could be translated as Daddy—communicating not only God’s closeness, but God’s attentiveness: “Your Father knows what you need before you ask him” (Mt 6:8).

If God already knows what we need, then why should we pray? Jesus invites us to put ourselves in touch with God who ceaselessly delights in us and whose will is realized through us.
We pray to participate in the personal and social transformation ignited by this truth.

Take a moment to bask in God’s abundant, steadfast love for you.

Feel God’s infinite, irrepressible delight for each and every person.

For Reflection:

  • How can you help other people experience God’s abundant, steadfast love?
  • How can you use this day to labor for a world that more fully honors the dignity and rights of all God’s children?

Back to me (Andrew) to finish…

I am conscious that  the increased flow of resources might leave some of you willing to meet and follow up on any of the topics raised – and it will not surprise you that I am willing to do so between 7-8pm over Zoom at the end of the 2nd 4th and 6th weeks of Lent – that is 3rd, 17th & 31st March,  However, I would hate to make any false assumptions as to your interest, so do please drop me a line or give me a ring to confirm.
Warm and prayerful regards
Monday 22th February 2021


Wiltshire Council
Covid-19, Latest news and advice for residents.

Diocesan News February 2021

Day 6 | May Justice Take Root
I am sending you a timely combination of reflection and action
– strengthening the force of each as we travel hopefully in Lent.
The action is vital and ambitious – rooted just up the road in Gloucester, but for many in need up and down the land.

Is this a key element of what Justice and Mercy will look like in Britain in years to come?

Church must play key role in national effort to solve housing crisis, says Archbishops’ Commission


The Archbishops of Canterbury and York have released a landmark new report, ‘Coming Home’, which sets out a bold new vision for housing and community

The Church of England should lead by example, including delivering more truly affordable homes on its own land, to help solve the housing crisis, says a landmark report published today by the Archbishops’ Commission on Housing, Church and Community.

A collective effort at all levels of society including Government, local authorities, landowners and property developers as well as the Church is needed to help tackle an acute shortage of truly affordable homes, the report Coming Home, says.

Published after two years of research, the 10-strong Commission warns that the housing crisis has left an estimated eight million people living in overcrowded, unaffordable and sub-standard accommodation with increasing numbers of families unable to put down roots in their communities.

In a series of recommendations for both national and church policy, the Commission says that action should be taken by the Church of England to deliver more truly affordable homes. To achieve this, it has examined what needs to change if Church land is not simply to be sold to the highest bidder.

It has identified new ways in which the 6000 acres of strategic landholdings of the Church Commissioners could be used and recommends a new Church Measure which would ensure that dioceses and parishes can use church land for social and environmental benefit.

The Commission has also been working closely with dioceses to encourage and equip them to work in partnership with other organisations on projects to provide affordable homes and housing support and advice services.

During the work of the Commission, 40 church-run or supported projects were documented some of which are on course to expand their work to other dioceses and parishes across the country.

These range from almshouses in Berkshire to modular homes in Cambridge on church land and a church hall converted to accommodate homeless young people in Lancashire. Churches are also running housing advice services in south London and are leading successful community campaigns to secure affordable housing in London.

The report details how the newly-appointed Bishop for Housing, the Right Rev Dr Guli Francis-Dehqani will lead a team supporting local dioceses and parishes to help meet local housing need.

To provide direction for these initiatives, the Archbishop of Canterbury will ask the General Synod, the church’s national assembly, to confirm that meeting housing need is an integral part of the mission of the Church of England.

The ambition of Commission members is that this work, continuing a long tradition of Christian involvement in housing provision dating back to the alms houses of the Middle Ages, will be as mainstream to the Church’s mission as its response to crisis homelessness, such as winter shelters, and food banks.

The new report says good housing should be sustainable, safe, stable, sociable and satisfying. But far too many people are living in conditions that fall far short of this vision, with the pandemic further highlighting inequalities.

The report notes that the situation has been getting progressively worse for at least 20 years, despite many reports calling for substantially more truly affordable homes.

The Commission concludes that successive Governments’ focus on simply building more homes is not going to solve the problem of affordability.

While three million new homes have been built over the last 20 years, by far the largest consequence has been nearly 2 ½ million more households renting privately.

At the same time, in housing policy, “affordable” has become a word for a discounted price, says the Commission, instead of the common understanding of the word in which an affordable price is related to income.

The Commission urges the Government to set out a 20 year housing strategy, including a specific target for the number of homes which are truly affordable, 10 and 20 years out, and who should bear the financial burden for achieving this.

Such a 20-year strategy, created with cross-party support, is urgently needed to:

  • ensure there are more truly affordable homes, and;
  • improve the quality and environmental sustainability of existing housing stock.

In that context, the Commission has made recommendations about both public subsidy and how the planning system might be used progressively to reduce land prices.

To make an immediate impact on the crisis, the Commission recommends further reversal of cuts to social security support for housing and – after years of piecemeal changes – calls for a review to ensure adequate housing support for low-income households. Successive welfare reforms have left many low-income households forced to choose between paying the rent and paying for other essentials such as food and heating, the Commission notes.

The Commission recommends new protections for private sector tenants, including longer-term security of tenure and a duty of care on all landlords.

The cladding crisis must also be addressed with much greater urgency, with a commitment to remove unsafe cladding on residential blocks by June 2022 and protection for leaseholders from the costs of remediation, the report recommends.

Given the depth of the housing crisis, and the injustice it represents, the Commission also encourages others to join the church in a collective effort: doing what they can now, selflessly, to deliver better housing, and not simply to wait for new Government policy.

Online event and a book launch
Good Morning

Here is a notice of an online event and a book launch for an important early book from the new Archbishop of York – Stephen Cotterell. At 7pm, Wed 3rd March he is in conversation with Adrian Chiles (5Live Radio) about his Book: ‘Dear England…’ the letter he would like to write to the nation….
Tickets for this are FREE, and can be ordered by clicking on the relevant link in this forwarded email, should you too be interested.
warm & prayerful regards on a rainy day

Dear England: Finding hope, taking heart and changing the world is the letter the Archbishop would like to write to a country that no longer sees the relevance of a Christian narrative − a nation divided by Brexit but united, to some extent, by the coronavirus. He shares his dream of ‘what our dear country might become if we inhabited it differently’, writing, ‘I believe our best future will emerge when we learn how we belong together and how we can build communities of belonging.’

Sunday 21th February 2021

Hopefully by tea-time today there will be a recording of a briefer version of the worship resources attached below,
but not the excerpts from our Lent Book by Rev Dr Sam Wells from St Martin in the Fields (Trafalgar Square).
It is always helpful to read what follows with Ivan’s notice sheet alongside it, if only to inform your prayers.
During Lent the newsletter will also contain a summary, excerpt & questions to complement the Reflection below
– it is worth looking at both in tandem.
Do please think and pray about how you might take up the invitation to reflect on life and to tell your own story
especially during this period of Lockdown.
Lent can be a time of breakthrough, to break out of assumptions that have been keeping us bound..
Perhaps there is a friend, family member or even one of ourselves in the community of St Peter’s to whom you can speak..
with warm and prayerful regards
01249 448530 / 07734 393906

Worship Resources 2102.5

Ord Time Sunday Prayer

Sam Wells 1.1

Space at the Table
By Jamal Adams

With the past year’s events seared into our memory, our faith is being challenged in ways that we could not have imagined. As we have wrestled with COVID-19, a historic racial reckoning, severe economic ramifications, and a tumultuous election season that included a siege on the Capitol, it has caused us to question not only the integrity of many of our American institutions, but also many of our relationships with friends, neighbours, and loved ones. We can’t escape the cry from every street corner and mountaintop that we centre human dignity and provide equal opportunities for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Never has it been more evident that we must lean on one of our foundational Ignatian values, that of a faith that does justice.

Our national reality invites us to reach a new level of consciousness, commit to building new relationships, see with fresh eyes, and live our mission intentionally in the most prophetic way. Let’s cherish our many blessings that our communities afford us, including bringing together a diverse group of people with a multitude of backgrounds, lived experiences, home contexts, and disparate aspirations with the ultimate goal of being a beacon of light and hope for our world.

Bound together, we have a precious opportunity to learn from each other, grow to love each other as we are, as we invest in understanding our unique stories and the richness of our cultures.  We will seek to promote justice in a way that creates space at the table for everyone.

“No daylight to separate us. Only kinship. Inching ourselves closer to creating a community of kinship such that God might recognize it. Soon we imagine, with God, this circle of compassion. Then we imagine no one standing outside of that circle, moving ourselves closer to the margins so that the margins themselves will be erased.”
― Fr. Gregory Boyle, S.J., Tattoos on the Heart

For Reflection:

  • In what ways can you respond to the call to create space at the table for everyone?
  • How can you deepen your presence at the table by committing to building new relationships and learning from those around you, especially those whose lives do not mirror your own?


Wednesday 17th February 2021 – Evening

A battle for the heart

Mark Oakley reflects on preparing for the observance of Lent

The Fight between Carnival and Lent by Pieter Bruegel the Elder (oil on panel, 1559)

IT HAS been said that the heart of the human problem is the problem of the human heart. Lent is time set aside each year to take this thought seriously.

A few years ago, there was a story in the papers about a painting by Pieter Bruegel the Elder. It is currently on display in the marvellous Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna; but the National Museum in Krakow claims ownership of the painting, and says that it was stolen in 1939 by the wife of the city’s Nazi governor during the occupation of Poland.

The painting, The Fight Between Carnival and Lent, was painted in 1559. It is a beautifully typical Bruegel. It is a large, crowded canvas with nearly 200 men, women, and children depicted. We find ourselves looking down on a town square during a riotous festival.

The painting can be looked at in two halves. On the right, we see a church and people leaving after prayer. We see them giving alms to the poor, feeding the hungry, helping those with disability, calling attention to their need, and tending to the dying. On the left, we see an inn. Congregated around it are beer-drinkers, gamblers, various saucy types. The vulnerable nearby are not noticed, including a solitary procession of lepers. Instead, a man vomits out of a window, and another bangs his head against a wall.

In the foreground, we see two figures being pulled towards each other on floats. One is Lady Lent, gaunt and unshowy, dressed as a nun, with followers eating pretzels and fish and drawing fresh water from a large well.

The other is Carnival, a fat figure, armed with a meat spit and a pork-pie helmet. He is followed by masked carousers. A man in yellow, the symbolic colour of deceit, pushes his float — though he looks rather weighed down by cups and a bag of belongings. In the background, we see, on the left, some stark, leafless trees; but, on the right, buds are awakening on the branches, and, as if to see them better, a woman is busily cleaning her windows.

It is an allegorical delight, and we might do worse than take a close look at it some time this Lent. It is tempting to classify each human there as either good or bad, secular or faithful, kind or indifferent. We love to place people into convenient cutlery trays, dividing them all up as is most useful for us. What I love about this painting, however, is that it reminds me that we are all similarly made with two halves.

For many of us, there is a constant fight going on within between the times when we are negligent and the times when we are careful;between days when we get through with a self that enjoys its own attention, being centre stage, and days when our self just feels somehow more itself when not being selfish.

I have an impulse to pray; I have an impulse to avoid or forget it. There are parts of me grotesquely masked, and there are parts trying to clean my windows on a ladder, as it were — wanting to increase my transparency and attention to the world, myself, and my relationships.


LENT begins with the making of a small dusty cross on my head, the hard case that protects the organ that makes decisions. The season starts by asking me to imagine how life might be if the imprint of Christ’s courageous compassion made itself felt and acted on rather than just passionately talked about.

Lent knows what we are like. It has seen the painting. It has read a bit of Freud, some history books, political manifestos, and memoirs of hurt and achievement. It winces at our cyclical, self-destructive repetitions. It believes in us, though, knowing that, with God and each other, if we reach outside our own hardened little worlds, we set the scene to be helped and, maybe, even changed. That would be good — for me and those who live with me.

In the Gospels, the 40 days that Jesus spent in the beguiling wilderness immediately followed his baptism. Coming up out of the water, he had heard the unmistakable voice that matters, telling him he was cherished, wanted, and ready. He then goes into the heat, spending time with himself, hearing other voices that want him to live down to them; but he knows that his vocation can be lived only when he learns to live up to the one voice that he heard that day in the river, not down to the ones that want him to live some indifferent and submerged existence as a consumer of the world and not as a citizen of the Kingdom.
Wednesday 17th February 2021
Greetings for the start of Lent this year – although you could be forgiven for thinking that started long ago now.
Most of you will be aware that at 10 am Wednesday this week it is the live-streamed funeral of Mrs Marlene Duff. Our love and prayers go out to Cherryl and the rest of Marlene’s family, as well as to Terence Bate knowing just how much this dear friend of ours and beloved family member is going to be missed!! So we will be joining with the service led by Rev David Gray from the N Wilts Crematorium, whilst still being in our homes or our own church courtesy of the Obitus link, details of which were hopefully shared with you in Ivan’s last newsletter – hopefully, the edition containing the password as well as the username.
What you might not be aware of is the provision of a very short recorded service of Morning Worship for Lent including hymns accompanied by Sally Powell on our organ which will be ‘premiered’ on St Peter’s Church Chippenham Facebook Page at 11.30 am. (Allowing time for refreshment after the funeral)  I, therefore, attach a link

http://Se connecter à Facebook

and below this the words as well as a separate Litany of Repentance morning & evening in Lent.

It would be great to connect up more people with worship in these tough days – and our last broadcast on Facebook saw over 200 views. Perhaps you might take a look yourself.
warm and prayerful regards

Forwarding tonight’s C of E Prayer for the Nation at 6 pm,

led by Stephen Cottrell, Archbishop of York

focused on our young people.

Monday to Friday  15 -19thth February 2021

Dear St Peter’s folk…
It has been great to have feedback on our first video recording of Morning Prayer last week from inside St Peter’s Church.
Hopefully, we will manage to deliver something similar by next Sunday at the latest.
I am forwarding tonight a slideshow giving you Morning Prayer for your own use each day this week, including the change to the Lenten Season on Ash Wednesday – and with it are touching images of Ashing that we will not otherwise experience owing to covid precautions – so please think about using these. Incidentally, these are perfect for use together on Zoom should any of you wish to join in these services together with others. Let us know.
Instead, I also provide below a Litany for use at Morning and/or Evening Prayer during Lent from a different community provided by Maggi Dawn. which is focused on more of a journey of repentance and wholeness.
It would certainly be interesting to get feedback on either of these prayer resources with 6 more weeks of Lent still to come…
warm & prayerful regards
You will find an order of service and worship resources on the theme of today’s readings at the bottom of this email: it includes an address from a Church of Scotland minister as well as a link to a recording of Shine Jesus shine.
This coming week, I will endeavour to feed us with a regular supply of material to support our prayer and reflection. Again the level of interaction and response will no doubt help to channel these emails in the right direction. It would also be great to be notified of any prayer requests at this time, and throughout our Lenten journey starting this Ash Wednesday. With Marlene’s Funeral at 10am, I shall be offering a pair of Litanies that can be used Morning and/or Evening during Lent, as well as the more familiar hymns and readings.
Lastly, please do not forget that today is a special day of prayer and reflection on Racism, one of the blights of our age, hence the prayer written by Anderson Jeremiah offered next… 
Love incarnate, 
Fountain of Mercy and Justice

In a world of inequity and pain
May our actions be our prayer. 
We cry out for Shalom, fullness of life to all.
Let the Spirit of Truth guide us.
Let the Spirit of Love free us. 
Give us the compassion, courage and resolve
to become the light, we seek
that many may see life and their dignity restored
Inspire us to embody a world without injustice and prejudice  
Form us into channels of your love and peace 
Let the river of justice and mercy flood our imperfect world  
Quenching the thirst of parched souls and lands.
Abide in us o Liberator that we become the Word 
so that the world may have Life, Life in all its abundance.

warm and prayerful regards
St Peter’s Vicarage
07734 393906 / 01249 448530

Worship Resources 2102.3
Transfiguration Liturgy, Address & Lord the Light Link

Thursday 1ith February 2021
To the folk of St Peter’s
ahead of the start of Lent next week
I wanted to share a piece of my heart… (you might have wondered why Andrew often seems to improvise…)
but on the lips of another…
here is an amazing interview from a liberated, engaging speaker – Sam Wells  currently the Rector of St Martin in the Fields, Trafalgar Square with its stunning work among the homeless, and yet also a shaper of our CofE’s future
The interviewee is nothing if not ‘interesting’: touches on Covid, literature, cricket, why church services are the shape they are, the rescue of the Thai Boys, Casey Sullenberger landing the plane etc, etc
It’s worth acclimatizing to his perspective which starts with what Christian ethics is really all about, a
nd moves into what it is to be alive, be connected and trust God today.
Great stuff… and expressing many things for thinking people in congregations today, and certainly St Peter’s
I would love to know any reactions to any part of it, worth trying to last 20 minutes to start with, then come back for the next pieces in 10-minute segments perhaps…. starting at 16.30mins in the podcast…
warm and prayerful regards
Wednesday 10th February 2021
Worship Resources for Wednesday 10th & Lent Book excerpt
Warm Greetings in a chilly landscape.
Below you will find the formats for midweek worship in the Community of St Peter’s Church, please use these alongside Ivan’s Notices for useful content to aid our prayers.
In church, the figure of Jesus is now hung from the cross, at the same time as a crib scene lies beneath the altar –
in this, we witness a lifetime’s journey….
I have been touched by a verse of an old-fashioned poem from
the Lent Book that I will be reading and sharing with you all this year:
‘There was a cross in the heart of God before there
was one planted on the green hill of Jerusalem.
And now that the cross of wood has been taken down,
the one in the heart of God abides,
and it will remain so long as there is
one sinful soul for whom to suffer.’.  CA Dinsmore quoted in DM Baillie’s ‘God was in Christ’
This book by Sam Wells has 20 small chapters speaking powerfully
‘of God’s will to be with us in Christ, whatever the cost’.

Its own cost will be between £10-£11 – if you wish me to purchase for you – let me know by Thursday, please.

prayerful  regards

Monday 8th February 2021

Anglicans around the world in prayer as we begin 2021 with our Prayer Journey.
And thank you, Anna, for the very welcome labour-saving formats for Morning Prayer, attached below in files to click on
including a text of the reading each day.

Sunday 7th February 2021

A warm greeting to you all from the Vicarage this weekend, especially as the temperatures drop again outside.
Attached below are sheets you can print out, thanks in part to Pat’s much-appreciated assistance too,
where printing double-sided ‘flip on the short side’ of the Ord Time Service Sheet
or else you can, of course, choose to read off the screen instead.
As well as an order of service, hymns and readings there is a short homily from me as well.
We have 10 days or so until Lent begins –
I hope to engage as many of you as possible in some inspiring material that has come out this year:
There is the possibility of 10% off standard prices
if some of you wish to purchase either of the two books mentioned below with me –
but please let me know ASAP.
Which 2 books?
‘A Cross in the Heart of God’ is by Revd Dr Sam Wells, PB normal price is  £10.99,
(I will relay a taste of this each week as we head through Lent.)
The Way of Julian of Norwich is a book by Sheila Upjohn priced £7.99
(This is one that I know Mary is following this year..).
prayerfully yours

Greetings this morning,

below you will find attached the texts of this midweek worship from St Peter’s. But immediately I include touching excerpts from Morning Prayer: Ps 119, Hosea 11 and today’s collect.

18    Open my eyes that I may see
wonderful things in your law.

32   I run in the path of your commands,

for you have broadened my understanding.

When Israel was a child, I loved him, and out of Egypt I called my son. 2 But the more they were called, the more they went away from me. They sacrificed to the Baals and they burned incense to images. 3 It was I who taught Ephraim to walk, taking them by the arms; but they did not realise it was I who healed them. 4 I led them with cords of human kindness, with ties of love. To them I was like one who lifts a little child to the cheek, and I bent down to feed them.

Almighty and everlasting God,
we thank you that you have brought us safely
to the beginning of this day.
Keep us from falling into sin
or running into danger,
order us in all our doings
and guide us to do always
what is right in your sight;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

May you continue to draw from the wells of salvation for you, for all whom you love, and especially if you no longer see them, and for all for whom you pray across our world.

warm regards


A Liturgy for the Feast of Candlemas
Resources for Candlemas 21

Monday 1st February 2021

Hi everyone
my sister has sent over her parishes’ format for daily prayer, whether you wish to pray in the morning, at Midday or in the evening there is something for you. In addition there is a beautiful slideshow version of Morning Prayer that is in colour.
The series of readings in the prophet Hosea can make for fairly grim stuff,
but when I checked in the lectionary – there was a lovely surprise for the start of this week:
Today 1 Corinthians 12v12-end;
Tomorrow 1 Corinthians 13.
Just to check once more:
this evening there is the possibility of beginning a response to the Call to Prayer for the Nation at 6pm each night, as made by the Archbishops ++Justin, ++Stephen. This would entail moving a short form of prayer in this community that is St Peter’s from 4.30pm – 6pm each night. However no-one has been in touch with me to express a desire to join me in this as yet… do be in touch if you wish.
warm regards

Good morning. Today’s Morning Prayer held three different moments for me:

I felt as if joining in the Royal Court of Heaven in our Psalm 47, whose response was
O sing praises to God, sing praises.’ How I have missed the singing – but these moments of prayer together on Zoom let me do just that  with ‘Be still for the presence of the Lord.’
2ndly – I was confounded by the most controversial words of Paul to listeners of our day and age in 1 Corinthians 11.2-16 – hanging on to v 11: ‘Nevertheless in the Lord man is not independent of woman, nor woman of man.’
Lastly: these fabulous words of prayer for our Church, our neighbourhood, and our world:
We pray in silence or out loud for the day ahead of us, the church, the world and those in need.
At the start of this year we ask for vision, to seek God’s purposes for this parish and for the courage to follow wherever God leads us. 

Almighty God, in Christ you make all things new:

transform the poverty of our nature by the riches of your grace,
and in the renewal of our lives
make known your heavenly glory;

through Jesus Christ our Lord
God be with you and go ahead and behind you throughout this day,
and do not forget there are occasions to share your prayer with others at Noon and 4.30pm if you get in touch.
We pray in silence or out loud for the day ahead of us, the church, the world and those in need.
At the start of this year we ask for vision, to seek God’s purposes for this parish and for the courage to follow wherever God leads us.We finish with a special prayer:Almighty God, in Christ you make all things new:
transform the poverty of our nature by the riches of your grace,
and in the renewal of our lives
make known your heavenly glory;
through Jesus Christ our Lord

Wednesday 27th January 2021

Below is an Epiphany Service, not necessarily for use only on Sunday… and of course the hymns from Sally, and the Readings from Pat – to whom many thanks!
In addition, if it suits I have attached the short format of a Midday Prayer that we are using on our Journey of Prayer each day, for which there is also the link to join with others in prayerful contemplation.
Midday Prayer with Zoom

Tuesday 26th January 2021

Lovely words below from Morning Prayer today – just a taster of the benefits of joining St Peter’s Journey later today
– either Midday for 15 mins, or 4.30 pm for 20mins. Check your Introductory Email on Saturday for the appropriate Zoom code.
‘How priceless is your unfailing love,O God.

People take refuge in the shadow of your wings.’.

Monday 25th January 2021
Good Morning
some may wonder why we landed in St Paul’s letter to Philippians just for today in Morning Prayer – which is because the Christian Church celebrates the Conversion of St Paul on 25th January each year.
Moving words there: ‘Yet whatever gains I had I have come to regard them as loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord..’ Phil 3.8ff
And from my prayer book different words of inspiration as we prayed for people living on Aintree Close, Allington Way and Andrews Close:
How generous is your goodness O God,
how great is your salvation,
how faithful is your love;
help us to trust you
and to praise you in deliverance
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen
our next opportunity is just a brief 15 mins prayer stop at Midday
maybe see you then
warm and prayerful regards


Midday Prayer with Zoom

Time: Jan 26, 2021 12:00 PM

Sunday 24th January 2021

An Invitation to a 10 day Prayer Journey – starting right where you are!

Morning Prayer for Epiphany 21.1
Midday Prayer 21.1
Evening Prayer 21.1

Wednesday 20th January 2021

Ahead of tomorrow’s traditional occasion of a St Peter’s Midweek Communion, currently in suspension.
I attach below for your attention the lectionary and a few well-chosen hymns by Pat for the 20th January.
So this week you are spoilt for choice as to where to dip into…
Among St Peter’s community we will have opportunity to experience some of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity text tomorrow evening in the Zoom gathering at 7.30pm –
access available tomorrow evening at 7.30pm with the blue text copied and pasted into your own active bar at the top of the page.
Andrew Gubbins is inviting you
Topic: St Peter’s Midweek Zoom Meeting
Time: Jan 20, 2021 07:30 PM London
Join Zoom Meeting
warm and prayerful regards
Thanks to Colleen for showing me how to make life easier for the rest of the St Peter’s Faithful.
Hopefully tomorrow at 7.30pm, no longer will you have to copy and paste, now all you will need to do is click on the BLUE text under here – and it will spring into action. If that makes it easier to try praying with us – that would be great.. Maybe see you then.
Topic: St Peter’s Midweek Zoom Meeting
Time: Jan 20, 2021 07:30 PM London
Join Zoom Meeting

Swiss community on behalf of Churches Together

I apologize for not lobbying each of you earlier to take advantage of this remarkable set of texts attached below and offered us all by a Swiss community on behalf of Churches Together for our reflections during this Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.
I must hope that the axiom: ‘better late than never’ still holds. Perhaps you have found this resource for yourself in any case.
Whilst it is not the most straight-forward action to achieve a combined service of prayer under Covid conditions, the quality of these meditations and worship strike me as being capable of being experienced and honoured independently as well if we wish to do so. there is a meditation for each day from 18-25 January contained within.
If you wish to alert us to examples of collective worship that might still be accessible, please let me know.
warm and prayerful regards
WPCU-2021-English-pamphlet-FinalSunday 17th January 2021
This is not the reminder that I wished to be sending today, ahead of a much anticipated Family Service tomorrow on: ‘My First Prayer’. Sadly – the Church Council of St Peter’s Chippenham has decided Thursday Evening to suspend all Services of Worship forthwith due to Covid precautions – until at least a review date of the end of February.
Whilst the church will still be open for private prayer during the hours of 10-11.30am on Sundays and Wednesdays, would any attendees please remember to wear a mask, bring their own pen to record their visit, and sanitize their hands during their visit.
The work of the FoodBox will continue uninterrupted at this present time – any enquiries on this or any other matter are of course welcome via myself Andrew – on email, 07734 393906, text or St Peter’s Facebook Messenger account which is free of it’s earlier difficulties.
warm regards, especially at such a trying time – if you fancy a quiz on the evening of the 29th January, keep your eyes open in this regard…


StP News.2101.1

This weekend the St Peter’s Community is adjusting to the suspension of Services again for reasons of Covid.
In the week up to 11th January there were 26 known Covid cases in West Chippenham alone  We are also praying for a full recovery for Stephen the son of Jean Coates this weekend – in hospital in London with Covid.
However, ever so sadly I am passing on news now as well of the death this morning of Mrs Marlene Duff. Our heartfelt condolences go to her family and to Terence Bate for she was truly the loveliest of friends and companions, and someone who had the heart of a passionate worshipper, at home in Anglican, Methodist and Pentecostal settings here and across the world. Marlene will be greatly missed.
Do please feel free to take advantage of recorded worship from all kinds of sources – but you are especially welcome to use  the resources available below tomorrow. The church will be open for private prayer between 10-11.30am.
Do please be in touch whatever the prompt or need with either myself or the pastoral team
warm and prayerful regards
Wednesday 13th January 2021
Today the Government has changed it’s guidance about singing in church, excluding even choirs now. So I just wished to assure people that should you attend the Communion Service at 10 am tomorrow we will be up to speed on this – the hymns will be recorded on the screen. Similarly, the 10 am Family Service – not a Communion service – but instead a reflection on ‘Our First Prayer’ – will also rely on recorded music. After such a blow to all that comforts us…
I thought I would pass on suitable encouragement
received from an online Christian greetings card outfit.
I think the castle pictured below is a German ‘Schloss’ –
and I wonder if it might be Erfurt or another place
associated with Martin Luther.
In turbulent times during the early 16th Century, roughly 500 years ago,
he wrote the hymn ‘Ein feste Burg…’ translated:
‘A safe stronghold our God is still, a trusty shield and weapon;
he’ll help us clear from all the ill that hath us oe’rtaken.’

(Amen to that…!)

HC Resources 2101.3

Sunday 10th January 2021

Baptism of Christ.
Resources for 10th January

Wednesday 6th January 2021


Epiphany HC Resources 2101

Sunday 3rd January 2021

I do hope that you are all taking extra precautions to protect yourselves against infection with the new variant of Covid, especially at a time when infection in Wiltshire is rising fast. All over 70 or dealing with other conditions too are particularly vulnerable.
It is with this in mind that I am glad to offer you for use at home
the readings, collects and hymns of tomorrow’s service of Holy Communion
to be celebrated in Church at 9 am and 10 am.
Do please be in touch with me on any matters of concern, practical need or just for a chat this week.
It is always good to hear your voice and to catch up on where things are at
with you and those you love at the start of this New Year
in which, like the magi, we travel hopefully, faithfully with God
warm regards


Friday 1st January 2021

A very happy New Year to you all,
despite the current restrictions,
 I trust that this new year is a chance
to appreciate all that God has graced you with throughout the pandemic thus far,
and to dedicate the coming few months to those whom God calls you to love…
with thanks for the privilege of your company in the different ways that have been possible,
looking forward to seeing you again as soon as possible!
love and prayers


Wiltshire Council January Update

Friday 25th December 2020

A very happy Christmas  and a ‘Top of the Morning’ to you all
from a holy hearth of this St Peter’s Family.
Today we prepare to thank and praise God, to worship with all our heart
for love life and hope revealed

in the babe of Bethlehem.

Thanks to all the flower team, Pat for the crib, and everyone else
who has helped bring these Christmas celebrations about, but above all,
beneath all to the love of God revealed
in a child of Bethlehem. Gloria in excelsis Deo!

With love and prayers as well from the Vicarage,

Do please get in touch with friends and/or our pastoral contacts
should any need or challenge overface you at this time.
Words here to be used at St Peter’s 10 am,
but they are offered for you to use in your own time and space.
please feel welcome to join with us in your Christmas Devotions.
‘Redemption rips through the surface of time in the cry of a tiny babe.’  
(CS Lewis, set to music by Bruce Cockburn)
Thank you for all your Christmas greetings to the Vicarage this year
we are very blessed, not just to be together, 
but to be surrounded by such signs of affection,

please receive our heartfelt greetings in return.


448530 / 07734393906

Christmas Morning 2020

Carolsheet 2020 25.12

Tuesday 22nd December 2020

Dear friends this next sentence might not surprise you….
Below this para is a load of gobbledegook in Blue, (When you move over it), but if you copy it all into your action bar at the top of the page – it magically transforms into the trigger for a live Carol Service shared between the CofE and Christian Aid tomorrow morning at 9 am. You can experiment with this before then, just to convince yourself that it’s a possibility. You do not have to watch it so early I believe that after that there will be an easy link to its recording…
warm regards


Let’s keep one another in prayer as once again the Covid Guidance changes, possibly wreck ing plans made previously,

but let us also remember members of our NHS etc who face challenging times across our nations
and across Europe and the World.

Friday 18th to 24th December 2020

Glad to forward for your attention the delightful trail available in Yatton Keynell – I believe there is also one around Lacock!
warm regards

Nativity Trail – Yatton Keynell.

To Book

Wednesday 16th December 2020

St Peter’s Reflective Communion (Midweek Advent 3)

We hope you are able to join with us at some point this week in what follows.
We would also be delighted if you felt able to join in any of the Christmas services,
do please let us know that you are coming so that we can ensure you a safe seat.

Advent 3 Resources midweek

Wednesday 10th December 2020

With little more ado – here are the words of hymns and readings for tomorrow morning.
Thank you to all of you who join with the visible congregation in your own homes.
Let us travel hopefully and with forbearance for the remainder of our separation.
There will be lots more to come as Christmas begins to break upon us.

Saturday 5th December 2020

Exciting source of Carols + atmosphere
available at 7 pm, Tonight and Tomorrow,

piped into your home from the computer: follow this link:


it will be interesting to know what you made of it…

Wednesday 2nd December 2020

St Peters Chippenham’s First live Service in Advent 2020 10 am Tomorrow & some papers if at home.
Advent Sunday 1.r
Resources for Advent 2012.2

Tuesday 1st December 2020

This simply looks beautiful material in the approach to Christmas.
Hope you all enjoy it.

Monday 30th November 2020

Hi folks,

I’m receiving these Advent and Christmas email reflections from the Church of England,
and although they are already pretty full-on, as they give us a kick start, I wanted to share them with you.
If looking at the attached/forwarded content triggers any practical thoughts or questions,
and certainly, if any of it jars or provokes any kind of upset – do please be in touch.

You can sign up on the Church of England’s website:

warm and prayerful regards

01249 448530

Transforming church. A message from the Bishop of Bristol

Sunday 29th November 2020
The Church is open for private prayer today, but on Wednesday at 10 am we will be able to hold our first Communion Service in 4 weeks. Until then, many thanks to Pat Rees for the creativity behind this week’s resources.
warm and prayerful regards

Sunday 22nd November 2020

Welcome everyone, to some special resources
forwarded for the Feast of Christ the King
(including a fascinating explanation of its origin)
and all put together by Pat Rees this week,
whilst down the road I ‘sun’ myself on leave.
Many thanks to Robin, Daphne, Ivan, Pat and all the team in this endeavour.
Do not forget to look out for the St Peter’s Parish Socials
at 10 am or 7.30 pm this coming Thursday via Zoom.
warm and prayerful regards

Sunday 15th November 2020

Somehow these resources seem to capture and address my mood
and what may be yours too on a very wet, windy even wintry weekend.
Please do not feel that you need plough through these conditions solo
you are most welcome to pick up the phone to the vicarage or drop me a line.
warm regards

Sunday 8th November 2020

Many thanks to Pat Rees for constructing these touching resources in my absence for our marking of Remembrance Sunday tomorrow. The church is open between 10-12Noon for such prayer – please be careful to maintain practices of cleansing hands, and social distancing whilst in the building, but of course these can be used at home as well, although there will also be excellent forms of worship available on TV and live-streamed online from other locations… it might be fascinating to hear recommendations around our own network of friends and fellow worshippers at St Peter’s in the weeks to come.
It is also worth reminding you that the Archbishops have called for prayer around our nation, and are providing prompts for such prayer on the C of E Website and on social networks all focused for a few minutes at 6 pm each day.
I am largely on leave just at the moment, supporting my parents, while Mum recovers from successful surgery in Southmead.
Pastoral enquiries are of course still able to be fielded by Daphne and the team this Weekend.
warm and prayerful regards

Wednesday 5th November 2020

On this the last day before a second lockdown, this comes with warm and prayerful greetings in all your preparations, and in any anxieties that might possibly assail you at this time.
With all the experience that we have gained,
and in days of continuing uncertainty on national and global fronts
it will make all the difference
if we can stay in touch with family, friends and one another,
and if we can continue to renew our faith
by worship, reflection and prayer through all possible means,
sharing the experiences of our different journeys with all humility
and yet with confidence that what happens to you matters to us and to God,
hour by hour, day by day, week by week.
Church will be open during the lockdown on two occasions each week for private prayer
 Wednesdays 2-4 pm; Sundays 10-12 Noon
but of course also for the continuance of the FoodBox ministry.
Please do not be shy to message me with any request for such help
either for you or for others.


 God, we acknowledge you today as Lord,

Not only of individuals but of nations and governments.

Lord, we thank you for your law of love and justice and grace

 recognized as higher than any human law.

May we seek to be true to your law above all else.

We pray for all your people,

may we be awakened to spiritual reality on this day.

to a knowledge that we are not called to flee this world

But rather to be a community of faith renewing the world.

Awaken in us a renewed commitment to justice and equity

for the good of all God’s children and the betterment of the whole human community—of which we are one small part.

Awaken in us a renewed commitment to care for each other,

to steward the earth

and to share the many gifts you have bestowed upon us.

May our thoughts and actions

show us to be citizens of your kingdom—

People of hope in the midst of despair,

Joy in the midst of sorrow,

Faith in the midst of fear,

Truth in the midst of confusion,

Generosity in the face of need.

Indeed, we rejoice today

That we are citizens of your kingdom.

We pray that our spiritual citizenship will make us even more committed

To being faithful citizens of this earth.

And may we put our trust in you always.

We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord and for the sake of his love. Amen


Sunday 1st November 2020


Tracts for our Times

Wednesday 28th October 2020

Here, at last, is the resource sheet for worship midweek with St Peter’s Congregation online and in the flesh…
If any of you are missing a chance to gather face to face at the moment, drop me a line, and I will happily arrange another Zoom chat asap.
warm regards

Sunday 25th October 2020

As the water pours down outside, I am grateful that I can send this electronically.
Meanwhile, I hope and trust that the extra hour from the clocks going back tonight will bless you
and that it will seem easier to venture out in the showers tomorrow morning than it does now…
warm and prayerful regards


Wednesday 21st October 2020

Please continue to pray for the increasing portion of our (part of the) world that face growing restrictions because of Coronavirus, not least those who have the struggle to survive it. We also acknowledge the many other kinds of vulnerability that present such a challenge to us in these days, individually, as a church and society, and as a global community.
Even if you do not wish to join in accompanying us in worship tomorrow, I can particularly recommend the words of a couple of hymns this week drawn from the Methodist Hymnbook, ‘Singing the Faith’.
warm and prayerful regards
Tel.  01249 448530


Sunday18th October 2020

Morning Worship including St Peter’s Church Annual Meeting

2010.5 apcm

Wednesday 14th October 2020

Helpfully our focus midweek is on the Fruits of the Spirit, as this week leads up to Sunday’s Morning Worship incorporating the Annual Church Meetings.
You are welcome to attend on Sunday at 10 am, what will be an abbreviated occasion compared to normal – there may yet be a small benefit of this dreadfully prolonged crisis that is Covid;
Not to underestimate the significance of our church meeting this year – when it will be important to renew our council’s membership and capacity, so to continue the faithful and cheering example of leadership and service extended thus far by a somewhat shrinking team to growing congregations.
It was lovely to worship with around 40 people each of our last two Sundays.
And more than our church’s domestic agenda – do please take great care of your own personal safety, and please continue to hold the state of many parts of our country and our wider world in your constant prayer.
Meanwhile here below are the readings, hymns and a few pertinent words from the Iona Community.
warm and prayerful regards


Sunday11th October 2020

Thanks to all who lent support to Christian Aid last weekend, it is not too late to request access to the C Aid ‘TapSimple’ Digital Device if you wish to boost our parish’ response to their Autumn Campaign
In a week’s time, it would be great to share the physical space of church with as many as possible for a service appropriately socially distanced, and containing our official Annual Meetings starting at 10 am.
Attached is a printable Resource sheet if it is double-sided, and flipped on the short side.
warm and prayerful regards


Wednesday 7th October 2020

I do hope that the attached file is a useful reference for any accompanying from home the service of  Communion at St peter’s today, 10 am.
warm regards



Sunday 4th October 2020

Christian Aid 2020r

An active weekend trialling a digital device – which proved simpler than first expected – so if this would release generosity for you, or at your church please be in touch and I can set up additional givers or users for this year’s Autumn appeal. T: 448530

Delighted that both methods worked at Morrisons this weekend, and available at St Peter’s today in support of an important C Aid Autumn Appeal.

Liturgy Resources for Today

An inspiring setting for worship at Harvest.

I hope you feel able to benefit from the attached file, a printable 2 sided leaflet to be flipped on the shortside of an A4 sheet.It requires a copy of the Communion Service to be truly usable…May you take great joy in sharing in Harvest Praise & Prayer this weekend.



Wednesday 30th September 2020


Sunday 27th September 2020

Our Archbishops have been busy this past week offering up much food for thought in relation to these changing times for the Church, but even more importantly for the needs of our wider communities.
So below you will find not only readings and hymns, you will also find their work too.
Your responses are welcome too.
warm and prayerful regards


ABY Covid addresses 2009

Wednesday 23th September 2020


Sunday 20th September 2020

A huge thank you to the volunteers who have been so proactive in the stewardship of the site and pastoral care during my absence on leave recently.
It is remarkable just how much activity has been facilitated all week at St Peter’s.
Below you will find the hymns and readings first, but then also a reminder of the Holy Communion shape that we used on making our return to worship at the start of August…
We are still invited to focus on the needs of Creation this month, and on the 4th October St peter’s will celebrate its Harvest Service – especially remembering our Global Crises –  and the truth that ‘Love never fails’ even as we will be supporting the Autumn Fundraising appeal of Christian Aid.
I am delighted that Morrisons have also expressed a will to lean in and support this focus in 2020.
Thanks to their Community Champion Sarah.
warm and prayerful regards

Wednesday 16th September 2020

Its good to be back, but much is up in the air in order to keep up with many transitions on many fronts at this time.
So worship and prayer is a good medicine for now.


Sunday 13th September 2020

A Service of the word will be on today 10 am at Church, i.e. the 2nd Sunday rather than the 3rd Sunday. This will be lead by Pat Rees.

Andrew will be back for Wednesday from Holiday.

Wednesday 9th September 2020

Worship Resource in booklet form for Revd Rod Key’s visit at 10 am Wednesday.

Sunday 6th September 2020

Welcome to the booklet style production (flip on the short side of a two-sided printing)
of the hymns and readings for our services of Holy Communion at St Peter’s at 9 &10 in the morning.
I will be away this next week, so many thanks to Rod who will be covering Wednesday’s Communion; and to Pat for pulling together a lay-led team to deliver a ‘Service for Creation-tide’ at 10 am 13th September.
There will be no 9 am service on the 13th of September.
Meanwhile, I will be renewing my own energies at Sarum and on Dartmoor from Monday till the following Monday inclusive.
Neither is there any FoodBox operating this week – in case anyone should be wondering.
warm and prayerful regards,

Wednesday 2nd September 2020

Here below is a booklet form of the service resources today. Thank you for joining in with us, its always good to understand who might be involved, so if you do find this helpful whilst you are at home, or away, will you please drop me a reply. Then we can make good plans going forwards.
warm and prayerful regards,


Sunday 30th August 2020

The following material is useful if you are staying at home tomorrow, and unable to be with us at either 9 am or 10 am. The first version works best on your computer screen, The second version is in an order that will print out as a booklet if you ‘print double-sided and flip the page on the short side’.
If you do not have access to a personal copy of St Peter’s Church Blue Service Books – let me know, and we will get one out to you, possibly not in time for tomorrow morning, but ASAP.
warm and prayerful regards,

2008.7 Resources
2008.7 BL Resources

Wednesday 26th August 2020

Its good to have escaped the gales and rain unscathed, how are you all doing?
There are encouraging signs here of some of our community partners returning to St Peter’s, such as Clogs and Clogettes early in September. The Tom Metcalf Centre hopes to be in before the end of next month and of course the school and playgroup will be back next week!
I wonder how you are rebalancing your options and time out – you are always welcome here, and you can find an image of how the inside of church looks at the moment on the front page of our website.
Please remember several of our bereaved members in your prayers this week: notably: Sally Powell, Brenda Gingell, and especially Richard Shurman who has now lost both mother and younger sister in recent days.
Here below are today’s worship resources, but also a login for you to catch up with us online over Zoom this evening at 7.30pm.
with warm and prayerful regards
Topic: Andrew Gubbins’ Zoom Meeting
Time: Aug 26, 2020 07:30 PM London,  Contact Andrew for the meeting link.

Church service resource link below.

20.8.6 Resources

Sunday 23nd August 2020

20.8.5 Resources

Wednesday 19th August 2020

Please use an earlier format of the Ante-communion alongside these hymns and reading words.

Sunday 9th and Wednesday 12th August 2020

This week, at St Peter’s church building on Sun 9th and Wed 12th at 10 am,  there will be a form of Morning Worship (not Communion) led by a Layperson. This is to cover Andrew’s holiday arrangements.

Wednesday 5th August 2020
Below are today’s order and resources, the former is the same as Sunday if you printed one off then.
Sunday 2nd August 2020
Just now, some things are ending, whilst others are just beginning (nationally), but something else really counts –
whatever is the state of affairs in your own household, in your own mind and heart,
and the knowledge that all of this known to God, all of us are precious loved children of God –
whose presence with God hour by hour, day by day is never taken for granted.
So whatever you are going to do to share your time with God over the coming weeks –
please do not slip into any place of judgement, certainly not in the eyes of God,
but also not from any human being associated with St Peters Church here in Chippenham.
Be gentle upon yourself as well –
as we each realise more and more the need we have to know mutual love and support in these testing times.
So here are some words like you have had many months now,
(actually in a booklet format – so you need to print them out to see the text in the order it is meant to have.)
but this time they will be the focus of our Services of Holy Communion on Sunday.
(Please enter church by the front doors only!)
If you are still vulnerable but wish to attend, you may like to prioritise the 9 am service.
At 10 am, not 9.30 am, the Parish Communion will include a wider mix of people.
The C of E advises you to bring sanitiser with you and a mask,
by next Sunday the mask will likely be mandatory.
do please get in touch with myself, Robin or the pastoral team if you have any concerns;
but also it is important that we get out the message
to all our own family, friends & networks that St Peter’s is OPEN again for worship!
warm and prayerful regards to you all,
Priest in Charge
Virtual Choir
Colleen has kindly sent me a recording by a ‘virtual choir’ in which she is one of the participants.
It is a beautiful recording, a delightful easing into any Sunday devotions that you may have planned.
Just click on the underlined text below.



This went out live Saturday morning. You might recognise someone in here:
We were not allowed to share this before it went out live during the service. Of course, all of it was pre-recorded by each of us and then all put together. It’s a LOT of work to compile something like this! And this is a full four-part harmony choir.
The music was very appropriately chosen for a time such as this.
SPC, by the way, is Stanborough Park Church up in Watford.

Wednesday 29th July 2020

Church is open on Wednesday for the last time in the recent series of dates between 3.30-5.30 pm – just so that you can acclimatize to its new look, and draw inspiration for your prayers.
From this Sunday, 2nd August Services return to St Peter’s:
9 am this week a Communion for the vulnerably shielding;
10 am this week Parish Communion for any who wish to come, places look limited to about 30 for the moment, which will probably suffice.
Next Wednesday 5th August, a Midweek Communion will be at 10 am.
I do hope you find yourself within the texts and readings tomorrow, able to participate in the intimate fellowship
that sustained our Lord even at the toughest period of his life.
warm and prayerful regards

Sunday 26th July 2020

Of course, people will be very welcome to use these resources below
whilst they engage in their own personal prayers
especially in the space at St Peter’s which will be open from 9.30-11.30am tomorrow.
Thank you to Jackie, John & Sharon for the times they have enabled this space to be safe and hygienic for our prayer.
The Church is next open Wednesday 3.30-5.30pm for the last occasion this week.
The first formal service, of Holy Communion in this instance, is expected to be next Sunday 2th August.
There will be two services that day:
a 9.00 am service for all who are most vulnerable, shielding and wishing to minimise their risks – depending on attendance this will either be in the chapel/church.
a 10 am Parish Communion will follow.
Please ensure you wear a mask during these occasions as strongly recommended by our Archbishops, and it would help if you brought your own sanitiser to use just before and just after approaching the sanctuary to receive the bread.
All these services will be shorter than usual, without singing, but hopefully still recognisable as an expression of the fellowship we have in the love of God, by the grace of Christ and in the unity of the Spirit in such challenging times.
warm and prayerful regards
After Trinity 2007.6
20.7.6 ResourcesWednesday 22th July 2020
A few words from this’ morning’s Morning Prayer got me thinking about my readiness to participate in worship,
and the springs of my spiritual joy, only little used of late…
So perhaps you would like to join me in reflecting on the following samples of scripture and prayerful words,
in anticipation of our coming opportunities to re-engage with St Peter’s as a place of prayer between 3.30-5.30pm tomorrow; and our hoped for return to eucharistic fellowship from Sunday 2nd August….
~ ~ ~ ~
Bless the Lord O my soul, 
and all that is within me bless his holy name.
Who redeems your life from the Pit
and crowns you with faithful love and compassion.  Psalm 103
~ ~ |~ ~
Come let us go up to the House of the God of Jacob;
that God may teach us his ways, and that we may walk in his paths.
O people of Jacob come: let us walk in the light of the Lord.
Spirit of God, teach us your ways, that we may walk in the paths of peace.  Isaiah 2
~ ~ |~ ~
A short OT reading (1 Samuel 6) for this is our season too…
Now the people of Beth-shemesh were reaping their wheat harvest in the valley.
When they looked up and saw the ark, they went with rejoicing to meet it.
The cart came into the field of Joshua or Beth-shemesh and stopped there.
A large stone was there; then the people of Beth-shemesh
offered burnt offerings and presented sacrifices on that day to the Lord (watched by the Philistines).
~ ~ ~ ~
Words from a Psalm
Lord remember for David all the hardships he endured;
Now we heard of the ark at Ephrathah; and found it in the fields of Ja-ar.
Let us enter his dwelling place and fall low before his footstool.
Arise O Lord into your resting place, you and the ark of your strength.
Let your priests be clothed with righteousness and your faithful ones shout with joy…
For the Lord has chosen Zion for himself; he has desired her for his habitation.
This shall be my resting place for ever; here will I dwell, for I have longed for her.
I will abundantly bless her provision; her poor will I satisfy with bread.
I will clothe her priests with salvation,
and her faithful ones shall rejoice and sing…
There will I keep a lantern burning for my anointed.  Psalm 133
~ ~ ~ |~
Praying together:..
Jesus, Son of David, make us a priestly people;
clothe us in righteousness, make us fruitful, 
and give us hearts to shout for joy in your salvation;
we pray in the power of your Spirit. Amen
~ ~ ~ ~
NT Reading
When some were speaking about the temple, how it was set with beautiful stones and gifts dedicated to God, Jesus said: ‘As for these things that you see, the days will come when not one stone will be left upon another; all will be thrown down… But not a hair of your head will perish. By your endurance you will gain your souls’ Luke 21
~ ~ ~ ~
So we can say…
Blessed be the Lord God of Israel, who has come to his people and set them free.
He has raised up for us a mighty Saviour, born of the house of his servant David.
…you will go before the Lord to prepare his way, to give his people
knowledge of salvation by the forgiveness of all their sins.
In the tender compassion of our God the dawn from on high shall break upon us,
to shine on all those who dwell in darkness and the shadow of death,
and to guide our feet in to the way of peace.’  (Benedictus)
~ ~ ~ ~
And we can pray not only the Lord’s Prayer… but also today’s Collect:
Eternal God and Father,
you create and redeem us by the power of your love:
guide and strengthen us by your Spirit,
that we may give ourselves in love and service
to one another and to you;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen
~ ~ ~ ~
Until tomorrow…
warm & prayerful regards, 
especially for all who face challenges at this time and are still isolating.

Mary Mag 2007
20.7.5 Resources

Sunday 19th July 2020
Service and resources available below – please see the notice sheet to understand the presence of a very rare visitor to St Peter’s context this week.

Wednesday 15th July 2020
We are back with the saints for our worship in the midst of this week – John Keble, 14/7,
a hymn-writer of the Oxford Movement – & Bishop Swithun (15/7).
You may be able to detect a nod in their direction through the hymns.
Church is open on Wednesday for personal prayer between 3.30-5.30pm.
You are welcome.
Sunday 12th July 2020 
Today’s readings immerse themselves in the realities of human nature, but also allow the winds of the Spirit to raise us up once again in the full confidence of all the riches available to us in the love and life revealed to us in Christ. May your worship be moved by the Spirit’s anointing… whether you are at St Peter’s tomorrow, at home or on the move.
warm and prayerful regards

Wednesday 8th July 2020 

Its been a funny few hours, full of interruptions, all for good reasons, but it knocked me off my intended delivery of the words for an act of worship before 10 am for possibly a traditional moment of worship in your diaries. All I can suggest now is that perhaps you would like to be praying at some point while others are praying in the church today 3.30-5.30pm?
No pressure – and I would add that in any case, I have found today’s readings very stimulating and highly relevant to our local identity as church and communities. So feel free to use the content of the Resource Sheet whenever / however you wish to do so. The service format is added for you again from Sunday,
with warm and prayerful regards
St Peter’s Church

Sunday 5th July 2020 

Worship this weekend follows after recent festival worship marking the contribution of serious figures in the life of the early Christian community: namely Peter, John the Baptist and Thomas.
So please remember all those clergy starting out today on their journey of ordained service – in various licensings that are far from what would have been expected at this stage if it wasn’t for Covid.
Despite the strange circumstances and restrictions, it is still largely a joy to be able to open St Peter’s Church, and you are welcome to pray in St Peter’s between 9.30-11.30am today of course, when you will also be able to draw on the text of our liturgy which is attached in one of the files below, as long as you promise to take it home with you, not leaving it behind for others.
I have been offduty this past week, so a huge thank you to Robin who supervised our building on Wednesday.
As I will also have to be present for the morning licensings tomorrow, kindly Robin will take over from me before 10 am tomorrow as well.
I hope that each of you will have found signs of hope to sustain you on the latest leg of a challenging communal progress through the crisis – it would be great to see some of you at least on Wednesday evening over Zoom at 7.30 pm – lots to catch up.
warm and prayerful regards

Wednesday 1st July 2020

Hi all
I am fresh back – haha ! – from reaching the Fosse Way from home on foot today.
I was that weary that the drizzle over the meadows down Biddestone Lane on the way home was restorative, even a reverie.
Thanks to the farmer that stretch of open field, now includes a stretch of ‘green lane’ with all sorts of meadow flowers just where the bikes speed past… and I can repeat that stretch twice a day if need be for its restorative effect…
I am aware that tomorrow is Wednesday, and not all of you will be timing your worship for a few moments in the church between 3.30-5.30pm. Thanks Robin for opening church!
So I wish to offer a link to a refreshing service from Iona – that I know Daphne and I heard on Sunday, but probably a few of you too.

Did you notice the vibrant Magnificat set to the folk tune of John Barleycorn? Its literally uplifting –  in a foot-tapping way. More to the point the wisdom of John Bell is timely for where we are at, just now. It bears repeating – whether or not its because of my absence this week.

I thank God for all the volunteers keeping up with pastoral contacts recently, as well as a brave team continuing FoodBox duties in a floodtide of surplus, and for you – Blessed be your name – in the love of Christ today!
Conditions for using the video online
If using on your church website or social media please post a link to the
(Fundraising for The Trussell Trust)

Sunday 28th June 2020 – Worship after Trinity: Petertide

Welcome to our shared twice-weekly fellowship space – where we meet ‘in the name of God’ drawn together by one Spirit by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Who experienced that grace more than the patron saint of our Church: Simon Peter?
As we open up the church today between 9.30-11.30 am; and then again on Wednesday at 3.30-5.30 pm: 
each time it is for you to be able to return,
to be able to offer your prayers in a place
so precious to your own personal spiritual journey,
and to the collective life of so many saints who remained faithful,
each in their own leg of our shared journey.
whenever is the right time for you –
Welcome Home!
with warm and prayerful regards

Wednesday 24th  June 2020 – Feast of St John the Baptist

I do hope the following provides you all with some spiritual encouragement and refreshment even as the heat rises all around us
warm and prayerful regards

Sunday 21th June 2020

Greetings from the vicarage on this the weekend of Father’s Day.
Attached below is worship with this in mind, and for this reason, it uses a different gospel to the set readings.
I will be looking back at this week’s readings come Wednesday instead.
Feedback is always welcome. I hope that you are still digging into your reserves of resilience.
Just because a lockdown may be loosening, does not make it any easier to manage our own anticipation/expectations and pent up frustrations. But my gospel for Father’s Day includes a large element of waiting, as well as an adjusting of expectations to reality within the tale. Such things belong to the relationships of us all, and not just concerning the male figures of our lives.
Let us continue to develop our capacity for kindness, and notwithstanding the fluctuating rules and weather that we are all experiencing, find that space in our lives to welcome others Home one way or another.
warm and prayerful regards,

Father’s Day
20.6.6 Resources

For Families,

Of interest to families with young children may be the following addition.
I wonder if you have already felt a change in your COVID habits this week?
Perhaps you have benefited from new permissions to form a ‘bubble’ with someone else, or plan to shop sometime.
More than likely, you may have decided that its still ‘No Change’ for you.
I am really pleased to offer you an excellent collection of video snapshots from people commissioned by St Pauls Cathedral

Attached as well, is our usual service sheet and resource sheet for midweek worship.

Wednesdays after Trinity Ante-communion
20.6.3 Resources

warm regards

Sunday 14th June 2020

This Evening

Colleen has forwarded a link to an exciting prospect for this evening…

The Big Music Sunday Service from the RSCM—14th June, 6 p.m.

This year the RSCM annual event to celebrate the powerful role of music in Christian worship, Music Sunday, will be shown on-line as a virtual service at 6 pm on 14 June 2020. All are invited to join us in celebrating the role of music and musicians in church life. Full details, including a service book and rehearsal tracks, are available at:

Service Book

Free rehearsal tracks (halfway down the linked page)

The service can be found on Youtube at,

Daytime – 
Eucharist for the week of Corpus Christi
Welcome to St Peter’s virtual yet ever so real congregation…
Thank you to Ivan for some magnificent work on our newsletter again,
and to Daphne and other key members of the Pastoral Team for keeping up with many of us in the meantime.
I am sure that many of you especially take note of people’s wellbeing for your prayers.
We do not yet have details of plans for opening up St Peter’s building once again for prayer, it is a little complicated.
Around the country churches will or will not be opening soon depending on their resources and available people,
in a sense, you could say that the C of E will be ‘staggering’ its opening for private prayer.
For some of us that sounds about right…
as soon as we have definite news to offer you will hear more about how and when.
Meanwhile please do join in with us this weekend in worship from these scripts as best you can:
warm and prayerful regards

20.6.4 Resources

Sermon and set of music from the East End

I hope the following link brings you to a moving sermon and set of music from the East End.
warm regards

Wednesday 10th  June 2020

In the two files below are some prompts for your own worship in the midst of whatever surrounds you and your thoughts this week. In the resources is the next episode of Bishop Stephen’s pilgrim poetry – not may more chapters left now.
Whenever you manage to take a look at these, do remember that you are warmly invited to join us for a cuppa over Zoom on Wednesday evenings from 7.30 pm finishing no later than 8.30 pm.
warm and prayerful regards

Sunday 7th June 2020 – Trinity
I urge you to try this video of the Farwell Service to John Sentamu, retiring Archbishop of York. His talk halfway through helps us understand how Jesus made a difference in his life, and can do for us all, just before Huw Edwards reads the poem: Love bade us welcome by George Herbert, and we hear the modern hymn Cornerstone, as well as all about a remarkable charity ‘Acts 435’  Let me know how you found John Sentamu’s description of discovering Christ in his own poverty…

Great stuff, click below:

prayerful regards


Some of us had a go at developing confidence with one another over Zoom last Wednesday – and it was great to meet people face to face (as also experienced over FoodBox drop-offs),

Further Zoom occasions are available for all in this email community each Wednesday, 7.30 pm, and if needed, help is on hand to make it all possible.
Lets begin confidently of God’s blessing today if you wish to enjoy the following clip from Robin:

The words for our service are attached below as a Service of Ante-communion for Trinity Sunday, with additional resources to accompany, outside of this worship,

20.6.2 Resources

We also have a chance to listen to a new hymn for this season from Laura Griffiths below.

Living Spirit – Part 1

Living Spirit – Part 2
For Families, Barnardos has produced activities for all the family to sustain the well-being of our children: see the  3 PDF files below
Warm and prayerful regards for you today


Wednesday 3rd  June 2020 – Kindle in us the flame of your love…
So here we are, according to a Church calendar back in ‘Ordinary Time’, but if you are like me ‘changed by this journey’, and more recently determined to make the most of the presence of God’s Spirit in us, with us, before and surrounding us each step of the way…
So I am delighted to offer you another poem of Stephen Cottrell, a revised midweek service for after Pentecost, and the text of your readings tomorrow. Apologies for the size of the fonts.
I do hope that some will feel prompted to test the waters of ‘Zoom’ later on tomorrow (Wednesday) – and do seek assistance  – none of us are old hands at this stuff.
warm and prayerful regards

Scheduled Church Zoom meeting later on Wednesday 7:30 pm

Sunday 31st May 2020

This Evening

This evening sees the livestreaming of worship for the initiative Thy Kingdom Come in Bristol Diocese, and owing a little to input from Revd Tom Hunton here in Chippenham. Click on the following to engage at 7.30 pm:[%7B%22surface%22%3A%22page%22%2C%22mechanism%22%3A%22main_list%22%2C%22extra_data%22%3A%22%5C%22[]%5C%22%22%7D]%2C%22has_source%22%3Atrue%7D

Thanks to Laura and Ashley from the family of Ian and Judith Griffiths for this donation of two musical touches of differing kinds. They write:
Hi all

A couple of hymns here

The words for ‘She sits like a bird’ can be found at
Love to everyone
Laura, Ashley and Felix x
And prayerful regards in the fire of God’s love


It’s hard to believe that another 50 days has almost passed since a locked down celebration of Easter, but the experience of Lockdown has surely been appropriate to this time of year more than any other if we are to enter into the suppressed faithful expectation that accompanied those waiting for the promised gift of God’s Holy Spirit, little knowing how much of an outpouring it would really be. We know that we little know what is ahead… and in that dangling is our trusting, our availability and our heightened awareness of all that is going on around us. In it also is our empathy and compassion for all who may be head into uncharted waters this coming week…
In today’s provision of worship resources are two possible streams of inspiration for you – yes one from the grand ecumenical gathering through the Archbishop of Canterbury, Pope Francis and others, finishing with a blessing from the retiring Archbishop of York.
Attached is a link to the script for you to print out and join in:
Followed by a link to the livestream service itself at 9 am tomorrow morning from the Church of England website:
However Pentecost is about multiple voices and languages, all bearing witness, so  I have purposely chosen today to offer you an alternative stream,  linking up again here with fresh voices from HodgeHill Church in the West Midlands with whom we worshipped over Holy Week and Easter.
Pentecost WAH liturgy 2020
The above script greets you and leads you on an extended meditation in the life of the Spirit. (A stone and some bubbles would not go amiss either….)
WAH Pentecost Sunday May 31st 2020
As this service is without a livestream version, above is a link to the scripts for you to read, (or the telephone number for their recorded version, 6 reflections, 1 for each day this coming week.) Thank you to minister Al Barrett and his team for deepening our reflections and our faith.
I wonder if you have been joining in at home with some who have been praying the readings for a journey to Pentecost these past 10 days… Just in case I am attaching this encouraging cycle of readings for us all in the coming couple of weeks – sometime Pentecost can feel as if it’s over in a flash… and these readings truly edify, sustaining hope at a time when anxiety, anger and fear can all to often pervade our landscape.
Short Readings after Pentecost
warm and prayerful regards this Pentecost Weekend
St Peter’s Church, & The FoodBox
Mob: 07734 393906
Tel:   01249 448530

Sunday 24th May 2020

Church great day in – Kids tent

2 pm Sunday 24th, 1:45 pm

Saturday 23rd May 2020

Andrew Gubbins is inviting you to a Prayer by Zoom meeting. This is a recurring meeting Meet.

Offering a typical moment of daily prayer to join in with on Zoom if you wish available at Noon today, and each other day to Pentecost.

Join Zoom Meeting
Sorry such short notice today – it’s taken a long time to get this prayer invitation set up.
Today and days following you are invited to join in a short form of daily prayer at Noon for 15 minutes.
Reply if you wish to join in, either today or one of the days ahead,
I may have to resend the invitation from my other machine!.
But here are the words we’ll be using.
Church Great Day In
You have a chance of something different, if you wish, of joining presentations on YouTube of the ‘Church Great Day Out’ now just for this year become ‘Church Great Day In’. This is an event attended previously by Sharon, Robin, the Weeks and others, any material is likely to brighten up your B/H weekend. Can watch from Freeview channel 65, Sky channel 582 and online. From 11.30 am and 8 pm Saturday
A revision to my earlier email about Praying Thy Kingdom Come.
I am sorry to say that I find my original suggestion of a prayer journal to use in these days to be unhelpful in practice.
Its wording seems less of a prayer journal, more of a guilt trip. Apologies!
HOWEVER, in contrast, I attach below an inspirational booklet for your 9-day journey of prayer and contemplation

to Pentecost which is that offered within the Roman Catholic Communion

I hope this leads you deeper into prayer for God’s Holy Spirit, and for others.

Friday 22nd May 2020 – 5 steps to mental wellbeing – NHS

I like the tone of this 5 point summary plus suggestions.. so am sending it around our community, please do not hesitate to get back in touch.
St Peter’s Church
01249 448530.

Thursday 21st May 2020 – Ascension Day

Ascension Day: An Exploded View
This is quite remarkable could almost be Chippenham’s engineering approach to fine art – great image, fantastic story of its creation, extra-ordinary use of the humble and ordinary.
Whilst the lecturer’s commentary is genuinely profound for Ascension Day
Ascension Day – Evensong
Listen to the first ever virtual choral evensong from St Paul’s Cathedral for Ascension Day, Click the link just below, then select the arrow to play. Select the pause button to pause at any time.

Here is the content for Ascension Day. Words and Hymns.

Hymn  –   Thine be the glory
http://Thine Be The Glory (with lyrics)

Hymn –  ~Can it be

If you follow a 10 am pattern, you may like to join in an event online this Thursday in which Bishop Justin will be leading intercessions with Cardinal Vincent Nicholl. Whilst you need to register with Eventbrite to be led by them at 10.30-11 am this Thursday 21st May, it’s not difficult. here is the link:
http://TKC Prayer w/ Archbishops of Canterbury and York & Cardinal Vincent Nichols

with my best wishes for a meaningful and prayerful set of experiences for the next few days,

Wednesday 20th May 2020

Greetings to one and all ahead of this last 10 days of our Easter Journey,

taking us from Ascensiontide to Pentecost a week on Sunday,
and all in the company of the Church of England, among its ecumenical partners, Pope Francis included.
This next part of the journey is being shared around the world as an experience of praying ‘Thy Kingdom Come’.
It all starts tomorrow:
There is a great family prayer initiative which we have informed all our Messy Church folk about,
(let me know if you wish to see more of the Family Prayer Adventure Map, etc) 
And for Adults Thy Kingdom Come has its own FREE app with something for everyone at

In this, there is so much content,

and from this, I am copying you in on a couple of links to get us started…

1) Ascension Day Service

2) Prayer Journal

3) Prayer prompts to guide our prayer for others – through a ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ App, available for smartphones/tablets: google it.

4) Hymns, not mine, so hopefully easier to download too which I will send on the next email so as not overcrowd you.
Of course, I have no idea what will please, inspire or frustrate you, so do please feel free to let me know more of what you think about following a Christian life under lockdown, praying for your family and friends, finding the resilience to tackle each day.
warm and prayerful regards
St Peter’s Church
01249 448530


Tuesday 19th May 2020

NEWS from Kingfisher Messy Church

This week a great family prayer initiative starts this Thursday running for 10 days (until a week on Sunday). Its called ThyKingdomCome – it has its own FREE app with something for everyone – so much content,
and from it, I am copying you in on a couple of links to a wonderfully interactive ‘Family Prayer Adventure Map’ – 

as well as a page of ideas for families to try. 

To get everyone in the mood – Thy Kingdom Come has also included a crazy and inspiring song by – Cheeky Pandas
http://Oh Wow! (Awesome God)But where to begin…?
The Archbishop is taking questions about praying for beginners – it’s half an hour at 11 am this Thursday on Facebook Live @churchofengland. would be great to imagine all sorts of prayer adventures starting out around Chippenham – a way of embracing the world, including 5 of your own important people for 10 days with or without lockdown,

Please feel able to circulate this among any family or friends.
with warm and prayerful regards from the Kingfisher Messy Church Team at St Peter’s

Sunday 17th May 2020 -Easter 6

Enjoy, be encouraged – lift up your hearts – Alleluia Christ is risen!
He is risen indeed. Alleluia.
Today thank you Sarah Rolland-Jones for the best-recorded sermon of lockdown In my humble opinion, wrapped in great worship, set in St David’s Cathedral, another pilgrimage destination, one of great fondness for our family.
Worth catching this after the event!


(The programme is on iplayer from the BBC. It will ask you to sign in or register to create an account, then sign in to watch the programme. Also, it will ask you to click to confirm you have a TV licence. It is on the BBC and all of it is safe.)

 Good to be back in touch, just as it has also been a privilege to be out and about in the sunshine and breezes of this past week. Despite not all of us being able to enjoy the outdoors at the moment, we are probably all sensitized to the vulnerability of the natural world and its seasons.

So it seems highly appropriate to offer worship themed for the agricultural year this weekend. More explanation and prayer resources are available on the third page. The service itself is shorn of its previous canticles, offering instead songs/hymns, whose words are on page 2, and the most unfamiliar one hopefully linked up below. Look further down and you will find another step in Bishop Stephen Cottrell’s Pilgrim Poetry: ‘Striking Out’.

In order to be still
On the final few days of my pilgrimage, the Camino del Norte joins a more popular Camino Frances. Where I had been on my own, now I was among quite a crowd heading for Santiago. On the way to Arzua, I kept passing a lovely old Italian man named Antomio. He must have been at least 70. He walked slowly, and never seemed to take breaks. I would overtake him, then stop for a coffee or to say Morning Prayer, and he would overtake me; then I would start walking and pass him again, and so on throughout the day.
He din’t speak any English and I don’t have any Italian, but we always exchanged a greeting. ‘Piano,Piano,’ he would say to me. There is no precise English translation to this modern Italian usage. It means ‘gently, gently,’ or ‘softly, softly’ or ‘step by step’. It means we are getting there.
In Arzua, I went to Mass. Antomio was there. As he hobbled back from Communion, his feet obviously hurting, he was weeping. I don’t know why he walks or what sadness he carries.

At the end of the Mass, the priest invited all the pilgrims present to come forward. About 20 of us shuffled out. I recognized many of them, my fellow pilgrims. The priest sprinkled us with holy water and blessed us. Then I found I was weeping too. I didn’t really kow why. I think it was because life is so precious and beautiful; and you don’t need to go to Santiago to find this.

‘I am putting my best foot forward now,
not knowing where the next step lands, or how
these .multiplying steps together prove
the distance each from each, deceiving love.
So many miles travelled ad each stride
is an eternity. I’ve often tried
to fasten this conundrum down in words –
the long distance back to where I started,
the endless depths of each step. It is absurd.
Pilgrimage is not for the faint-hearted.
You walk and walk in order to be still
and emptied out of rational thought until
the road itself conspires to  fill your days
and all that you have left to give is praise.’
with warm and prayerful regards
especially as we head towards Ascension Day this Thursday,
and the start of a new phase to the prayer of the Church of England
in an initiative called: ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ until Pentecost Sunday.
St Peter’s Vicarage
Tel 448530.

Enemy of apathy – by John Bell

Morning Prayer – Rogationtide

Friday 15th May 2020

The Iona Community – 3 Minutes on ‘praying with the imagination’, Fiona Haworth

Wednesday 13th May 2020

Apologies for the delay in supplying this text of a ‘Thanksgiving for the Resurrection’ below in Easter 5 Resources. Do please use these words in conjunction with one of the previously provided Easter Services/Prayers and Ivan’s newsletter.
The mentioned link to Laura’s Christian Aid sponsored climb of Snowdon:
Warm and prayerful regards on the journey

St Paul’s Cathedral series by Prof John Swinton. Specially commissioned reflections by John Swinton on love in the time of Covid-19

Part 1. Be assured, love will win.

Part 2. A Picture of Love.

Part 3. Love and the Power of Small Gestures.

Sunday 10th May 2020 – Christian Aid Week, Easter 5
In an unprecedented set of circumstances that are so threatening! which test individuals and organizations alike,
Christian Aid Week is totally different this year.
It is right to open our account in the Chippenham area in prayer and worship,
to acknowledge with the psalmist that ‘The Earth is the Lord’s and everything in it’
and that God’s heart for those most at risk in our world does – or will – prompt us to action;
just as it seems to take the determination of individuals to stir our politicians to think big too.

Please feel free to dip into this Special recorded worship, link below, or to linger for its entirety. (Thanks go to Dan Brown: FoodBox Volunteer)

It reminds us of the spiritual significance of our hands and the hands of others, as well as the hold of God.
It includes a welcome chance to pray with our own hands.
Further worship under the banner of Christian Aid Week, including a message from Rt Revd Rowan Williams, is on offer at 1300hrs. There will also be daily prayers online at 11 am from Monday.

I hope that you will take advantage of a great new set of offerings from Christian Aid throughout this week by clicking on any of these two links below, to stimulate your own actions.

This might be the first year where we actively send out invitations, e-envelopes, in the Christian Aid Scheme, identifying with this campaign, by offering its challenge and opportunity for generosity to our own friends and family. For me, this would be a first, prompted by these unique circumstances

Christian Aid Week

Whether you raise funds by exercise, joining in daily Quizzes with friends, family and celebrities, or wish to pray and give in the simplest way possible, may you know the presence of the Risen Lord with you, every step of the way; with you and with all who are worse off than ourselves.

with warm and prayerful regards
Revd Andrew Gubbins

St Peter’s Church & Christian Aid Chippenham

Friday 8th May 2020 – VE Anniversary Service, Live from Bristol Cathedral

In case an Act of Worship would add to your commemoration of this Anniversary: clicking on one of these links should get you there.


Wednesday 6th May 2020

Attached for your comfort and inspiration, a form of prayer regularly being used up and down the land, plus readings, psalm and intercessions for today, please use  Ivan’s prompts in the newsletter, (See the 3rd May newsletter at the very bottom of this webpage) and your own knowledge and concerns to fill out each intercession.
An appropriate excerpt for today below is from Bishop Stephen Cottrell’s Book ‘Striking Out’
entitled: ‘Even Shadows’.
Greetings, warm and prayerful regards today

Sunday 3rd May 2020, – Easter 4

It was not the most comfortable message to send out earlier this week appealing for us all to think and pray again about our part in St Peter’s finances. Before laying out our worship resource this weekend, I wanted to acknowledge the jeopardy, anxiety and even pain that many of you may well be wrestling within your own personal circumstances and finances too.
Thank you too to our finance and leadership teams, namely David, Ivan and Chris; Robin, Sharon, and Vivienne who wrestle with our Church’s realities. Soon we will have to grasp the nettle of modern communication possibilities to see how we draw together the whole Church Council, and later in the year even convene the delayed Annual Parochial Church Meeting.
Whenever we ask people to pray about the sharing/giving of money at St Peter’s, we should always invite you to consult all whom it concerns, and so to pray about it as well ! Your considered response may be to offer more, to offer less or to stay the same. But unaffected by all this we celebrate an abundance of the Father’s love, the grace of Christ and the life of the Holy Spirit at work in each person.
This Sunday’s gospel from John 10 teaches us to trust more in the Good Shepherd, and speaks of an abundance of life too. Quite what that looks like in these times is quite a thought, so in the sermon slot I have borrowed words that caught my attention to help us all. Topics for intercession and many other insights are available in the link to Ivan’s Newsletter below
Also mentioned below is a Sunday link for people with children in the family, let me know if it is helpful. There is more where that comes from.
Warm and prayerful regards: please do not hesitate to be in touch with any concerns, comments or news of yours
Parish Priest, St Peter’s Church,

01249 448530.

Eastertide Agape

Easter 4 Resources
(The Church newsletter is at the bottom of the page)

Wednesday 29th  April 2020,

Midweek Worship Material to go with Agape Easter or Stations 14-16 of the Resurrection

Resources Easter 2 midweek

Sunday 26th April 2020,  – Service of Reflections

It has been a privilege and a surprising well of grace to be involved in the funerals this week of John and Alan. We have so much to learn from the example of their lives, and in amongst a terrific sadness now we look forward to the future opportunity to accompany Bev and Audrey more closely on this road through the valley of the shadow of death to further resurrection joys.
I offer you an alternative Service of Reflections – in the form of these Stations of the Resurrection.
There is no need to go for the whole marathon this Sunday, as the completion of them takes us through Ascensiontide to the Conversion of Saul. However, you may like to use the Concluding words at the midpoint too if you do choose to pause there.
On this occasion I have left you to curate an appropriate accompaniment of music or song should you wish – so they may repay a little preparation beforehand, perhaps arraying a safe set of candles to light, one for each station… a coloured cloth for your table, an object that you associate with the events described – yes you could go to town – or you could venture forth in all simplicity…
Alleluia Christ is Risen. I hear you say: He is risen indeed. Hallelujah!
warm and prayerful regards

Wednesday 22nd  April 2020,  – Eastertide 1

I attach some special words from Alan Scotford within the resources for an Easter Agape in the middle of this difficult week.
Our love goes out to both Bev and Audrey along with their dear families at this sad, spiritual, hope and faith-filled moment.
prayerful regards,
Andrew, St Peter’s Vicarage.

Eastertide Agape

Midweek Agape Resources with words from Alan Scotford

For those unable to be present at a funeral

Sunday EasterTide 1, Evening
Never let it be called Low Sunday again,
not after the heights of faith have been scaled (if you click below)
such as in these beautiful words on Thomas and his Risen Lord.
Thank You so much Rod, for all your craft and love for our Lord.
From Rod
  Dear Friends, Thank you for all your responses so far to the “Best line of a the best hymn” challenge. Without any spoilers, I can say that Charles Wesley is well ahead with 3 different line…
Also by Dave Walker
Foodbox 12.40 pm on Radio Wiltshire today. 19th April
On a more superficial note, you may catch your parish priest on Radio Wiltshire today being interviewed about the trends in FoodBox at 12.40pm.
warm and prayerful regards

Hallelujah!  Christ is Risen

Radio Wiltshire Live

Radio 4 – Sunday Worship
Meeting in Lockdown’ – Peace be with you! This was a deeply moving source of inspiration, wider awareness and comfort. if you have not already heard it. Wonderful music and worship, a deeply reassuring message, delightful blend of male and female, local and global.

A virtual service from Holy Trinity Platt, Manchester, reflecting on the experience of the disciples after Jesus’ resurrection when Jesus came to see them.

Worth joining BBC Sounds App if you have’nt already, worth listening to this.

Sunday EasterTide 1,  19th April 2020

Pilgrim Sheet 8

Eastertide Agape

Eastertide 1 Resources

For those unable to be present at a funeral

WednesdayEaster Week, 15th April 2020
Pilgrim Sheet #7. The pattern of Agape that I have extracted for your continued use during Eastertide is from the Prayer Book for Holy Week and Easter 2  by Shellie Michelle Ward, It offers us a different resolution of the losses involved in isolation to a service of ante-communion. I hope too that you will draw on the Easter Resource Sheet, including words from Canon Paula Gooder of St |Paul’s Cathedral, London; and Bishop Stephen of Chelmsford Diocese.
Your feedback and conversation following such liturgical moments are, of course, most welcome as ever.
I rust that you experience in the coming days the joy, peace and hope of Easter in amongst all the challenges.

Alleluia Christ is risen!

Eastertide Agape
Easter Week resources (wed)

Easter Monday – 13th April 2020

The FoodBox took a break last week, but is getting back up and running this week.
A rather wonderful, Easter rewrite of Leonard Cohen’s well known ‘Broken Hallelujah’… surprisingly sustaining an unbroken lyrical integrity throughout.
Happy Easter

Easter Hallelujah 2020

Called by Name:
A reflection for the Monday of Easter Week, (Celebrating Easter in a Good Friday World),
Dr Paula Gooder, Biblical Scholar and Chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral.

All Age Celebration Spring Harvest – Easter Sunday.

Easter Sunday – 12th April 2020

The prayer book many of you have used last week has one more entry for tomorrow.

Sign up to the Church of England’s #EasterPilgrim: The Lord’s Prayer reflections and receive exclusive emails over this special season:

Three Vicars Talking – Easter Special,
May need to create a BBC login to get to some programmes.

A New Poem – Easter 2020, by Malcom Guite.
This beautiful poem might just move you to tears, of truth and hope wrestling with jangling concerns about the news.

Easter Morning

Half light dawning. Women, grief scoured, fearful, go to the tomb. The earth quakes, the stone is rolled away. Terror blooms. An angel speaks, ‘See and go.’ They turn, frightened. Suddenly, he is here. They fall, holding warm feet. He is here. He is here. He is here… #EasterDay

Fiona Haworth, Iona Community.

Take a look at Pilgrim Sheet #6 right at the foot of this email, and as many of the links as will inspire you. Do join in with myself and the Greater Corsham today, and tomorrow at 10 am. Do please find an Easter Candle to light for your own home – safely of course. We will bring them all together when we return to the church building.
Andrew’s Easter pilgrim Sheet
Bishop Viv’s Easter Address

Bristol Cathedral Easter Service
, A service from Bristol Catherdal with Bishop Viv will be streamed at 10.00 am, as live on Facebook, Youtube and Bristol Cathedral web page. Here are included links:  The Cathedral’s Facebook page and YouTube channel  and  . A form of ‘Spiritual Communion’ is included at the end of this order of service.
Click here to download the order of service  so that you may join in this service at home as much as possible.

Joint Easter worship
with members of The Greater Corsham Team. 
On their page move to the right for the complete Easter Service.) Service and prayer booklet below.
Holy Week and Easter 2020 (2) Greater Corsham Team (1)

Easter Evensong
The RSCM, Royal School of Church Music in Salisbury, will be broadcasting a Big Easter Evensong at 6 pm Easter day.  To join in use this link below:

After Easter
Spring Harvest Home.

Spring Harvest Home is a completely free online conference programme with content suitable for everyone in the family. Lined up for the week after Easter, we have some amazing material all built around the 2020 theme of “Unleashed – The Acts Church Today“.13th to 17th April.

Saturday Evening
This night, tomorrow, for a whole 50 days, even for the rest of our lives we can celebrate how Christ has overcome! Hallelujah.

Good Friday – 10th April 2020
A Reflection for Good Friday by Revd Lucy Winkett, Rector of St James’s, Piccadilly, London.
Six imaginative accounts of the Passion from people who were eye-witnesses to it by Dr Paula Gooder, St Paul’s Cathedral, London.

Praise Song for the Pandemic.  Written and read by Christine Valters Paintner, from Abbey of the Arts and music by Giants & Pilgrims.

St Peter’s Church, Way of the Cross, Pdf – Way of Cross 2020,  Word – Way of Cross 2020

Artwork by Sieger Köder,  Stations of the cross including prayers by Padraig Ó Tuama.

12 – 3 with St Paul’s Cathedral, London, Good Friday

Service sheet –

Spectator – Walking the Way of the Cross.

A reflection is offered by Revd Canon Dr Martin Gainsborough, Bishop’s Chaplain.
It can be viewed here on YouTube.

Maunday Thursday – 9th April 2020
Waltham group churches Maunday Thursday.
It is suggested that you may like to begin no later than 7 pm if you wish to also honour staff of the NHS this evening at 8 pm.
Then if you are up to delving deeper into the experience of Christ’s vigil in Gethsemane, you could resume that focus from 8.15 until 9 pm, for instance.
Livestream too tonight from our Cathedral community.
So God’s Peace, the Shalom of The Lord’s Table, then the Lord’s Presence this night be yours wherever you are, however you are and prayers,  Andrew.
Holy Week Humour –  Dave Walker.
Renewal of Commitment to Baptismal Vows and Ministry,

Officiant & Preacher The Rt Revd Vivienne Faull Bishop of Bristol.

This diocesan service will be broadcast at 10.30am on the Cathedral’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Click here to download the order of service so that you may join in this service at home as much as possible.

Spy Wednesday – 8th April 2020
Holy week – April 2020
Just a nudge that Mon – Wed this week there is a delightful Cuppa based form of ‘Midday / daily prayer’ from page 11 in this download. You will need a bible.
journeying together.
St Peter’s Chippenham
Palm Sunday – 5th April  2020, Palm Sunday, Joint service with Sheldon Rd Methodist Church.
I hope that you gain something from this companion note – plus some worthwhile reflections on the Christian way with Trauma and grief. from an acquaintance of mine from college days.
There are of course multiple possibilities of places to turn for worship tomorrow, but I hope that you will at least take a look at the form of service created by Revd Pam Stranks on behalf of ourselves and Sheldon Rd Methodists. If we had been live we would have started at 10.30 tomorrow.
prayerful regards for Holy Week.
Andrew, Parish Priest, St Peter’s Chippenham.

Heading for Holy Week Pilgrim Pointer 4

Advance copy of Worship for Palm Sunday joint church

Palm Sunday 2020

Palm Sunday 2020

1st  April 2020,  – Midweek Passiontide.

It is a privilege to step out again with you on the journey today, or at any other point this week of Passiontide.

Passiontide anti-communion (1)

passiontide resources (wed)

28th March 2020, Lent 5 Theme – Passiontide.

Pilgrim Sheet #3

Passiontide anti-communion

passiontide resources


22 March 2020, Lent 4 Theme  -Live your faith.

National Day of Prayer and Fasting



Church service, 22nd march, – Streamed from Bristol Cathedral (facebook).

Bristol Cathedral (Facebook).

Church of England – Prayers and Services

Prayer of the day.


St Peter’s Weekly Church newsletter.

If you need a paper copy or have something you’d like to contribute, please contact the church office. It’s a Word file or Pdf file which will open in a new window or prompt you to download it. Select the latest church newsletter below.

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