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Sunday 31st May 2020

This Evening

This evening sees the livestreaming of worship for the initiative Thy Kingdom Come in Bristol Diocese, and owing a little to input from Revd Tom Hunton here in Chippenham. Click on the following to engage at 7.30 pm:[%7B%22surface%22%3A%22page%22%2C%22mechanism%22%3A%22main_list%22%2C%22extra_data%22%3A%22%5C%22[]%5C%22%22%7D]%2C%22has_source%22%3Atrue%7D

Thanks to Laura and Ashley from the family of Ian and Judith Griffiths for this donation of two musical touches of differing kinds. They write:
Hi all

A couple of hymns here

The words for ‘She sits like a bird’ can be found at
Love to everyone
Laura, Ashley and Felix x
And prayerful regards in the fire of God’s love

It’s hard to believe that another 50 days has almost passed since a locked down celebration of Easter, but the experience of Lockdown has surely been appropriate to this time of year more than any other if we are to enter into the suppressed faithful expectation that accompanied those waiting for the promised gift of God’s Holy Spirit, little knowing how much of an outpouring it would really be. We know that we little know what is ahead… and in that dangling is our trusting, our availability and our heightened awareness of all that is going on around us. In it also is our empathy and compassion for all who may be head into uncharted waters this coming week…
In today’s provision of worship resources are two possible streams of inspiration for you – yes one from the grand ecumenical gathering through the Archbishop of Canterbury, Pope Francis and others, finishing with a blessing from the retiring Archbishop of York.
Attached is a link to the script for you to print out and join in:
Followed by a link to the livestream service itself at 9 am tomorrow morning from the Church of England website:
However Pentecost is about multiple voices and languages, all bearing witness, so  I have purposely chosen today to offer you an alternative stream,  linking up again here with fresh voices from HodgeHill Church in the West Midlands with whom we worshipped over Holy Week and Easter.
Pentecost WAH liturgy 2020
The above script greets you and leads you on an extended meditation in the life of the Spirit. (A stone and some bubbles would not go amiss either….)
WAH Pentecost Sunday May 31st 2020
As this service is without a livestream version, above is a link to the scripts for you to read, (or the telephone number for their recorded version, 6 reflections, 1 for each day this coming week.) Thank you to minister Al Barrett and his team for deepening our reflections and our faith.
I wonder if you have been joining in at home with some who have been praying the readings for a journey to Pentecost these past 10 days… Just in case I am attaching this encouraging cycle of readings for us all in the coming couple of weeks – sometime Pentecost can feel as if it’s over in a flash… and these readings truly edify, sustaining hope at a time when anxiety, anger and fear can all to often pervade our landscape.
Short Readings after Pentecost
warm and prayerful regards this Pentecost Weekend
St Peter’s Church, & The FoodBox
Mob: 07734 393906
Tel:   01249 448530

Sunday 24th May 2020

Church great day in – Kids tent

2 pm Sunday 24th, 1:45 pm

Saturday 23rd May 2020

Andrew Gubbins is inviting you to a Prayer by Zoom meeting. This is a recurring meeting Meet.

Offering a typical moment of daily prayer to join in with on Zoom if you wish available at Noon today, and each other day to Pentecost.

Join Zoom Meeting
Sorry such short notice today – it’s taken a long time to get this prayer invitation set up.
Today and days following you are invited to join in a short form of daily prayer at Noon for 15 minutes.
Reply if you wish to join in, either today or one of the days ahead,
I may have to resend the invitation from my other machine!.
But here are the words we’ll be using.
Church Great Day In
You have a chance of something different, if you wish, of joining presentations on YouTube of the ‘Church Great Day Out’ now just for this year become ‘Church Great Day In’. This is an event attended previously by Sharon, Robin, the Weeks and others, any material is likely to brighten up your B/H weekend. Can watch from Freeview channel 65, Sky channel 582 and online. From 11.30 am and 8 pm Saturday
A revision to my earlier email about Praying Thy Kingdom Come.
I am sorry to say that I find my original suggestion of a prayer journal to use in these days to be unhelpful in practice.
Its wording seems less of a prayer journal, more of a guilt trip. Apologies!
HOWEVER, in contrast, I attach below an inspirational booklet for your 9-day journey of prayer and contemplation

to Pentecost which is that offered within the Roman Catholic Communion

I hope this leads you deeper into prayer for God’s Holy Spirit, and for others.

Friday 22nd May 2020 – 5 steps to mental wellbeing – NHS

I like the tone of this 5 point summary plus suggestions.. so am sending it around our community, please do not hesitate to get back in touch.
St Peter’s Church
01249 448530.

Thursday 21st May 2020 – Ascension Day

Ascension Day: An Exploded View
This is quite remarkable could almost be Chippenham’s engineering approach to fine art – great image, fantastic story of its creation, extra-ordinary use of the humble and ordinary.
Whilst the lecturer’s commentary is genuinely profound for Ascension Day
Ascension Day – Evensong
Listen to the first ever virtual choral evensong from St Paul’s Cathedral for Ascension Day, Click the link just below, then select the arrow to play. Select the pause button to pause at any time.

Here is the content for Ascension Day. Words and Hymns.

Hymn  –   Thine be the glory
http://Thine Be The Glory (with lyrics)

Hymn –  ~Can it be

If you follow a 10 am pattern, you may like to join in an event online this Thursday in which Bishop Justin will be leading intercessions with Cardinal Vincent Nicholl. Whilst you need to register with Eventbrite to be led by them at 10.30-11 am this Thursday 21st May, it’s not difficult. here is the link:
http://TKC Prayer w/ Archbishops of Canterbury and York & Cardinal Vincent Nichols

with my best wishes for a meaningful and prayerful set of experiences for the next few days,

Wednesday 20th May 2020

Greetings to one and all ahead of this last 10 days of our Easter Journey,

taking us from Ascensiontide to Pentecost a week on Sunday,
and all in the company of the Church of England, among its ecumenical partners, Pope Francis included.
This next part of the journey is being shared around the world as an experience of praying ‘Thy Kingdom Come’.
It all starts tomorrow:
There is a great family prayer initiative which we have informed all our Messy Church folk about,
(let me know if you wish to see more of the Family Prayer Adventure Map, etc) 
And for Adults Thy Kingdom Come has its own FREE app with something for everyone at

In this, there is so much content,

and from this, I am copying you in on a couple of links to get us started…

1) Ascension Day Service

2) Prayer Journal

3) Prayer prompts to guide our prayer for others – through a ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ App, available for smartphones/tablets: google it.

4) Hymns, not mine, so hopefully easier to download too which I will send on the next email so as not overcrowd you.
Of course, I have no idea what will please, inspire or frustrate you, so do please feel free to let me know more of what you think about following a Christian life under lockdown, praying for your family and friends, finding the resilience to tackle each day.
warm and prayerful regards
St Peter’s Church
01249 448530


Tuesday 19th May 2020

NEWS from Kingfisher Messy Church

This week a great family prayer initiative starts this Thursday running for 10 days (until a week on Sunday). Its called ThyKingdomCome – it has its own FREE app with something for everyone – so much content,
and from it, I am copying you in on a couple of links to a wonderfully interactive ‘Family Prayer Adventure Map’ – 

as well as a page of ideas for families to try. 

To get everyone in the mood – Thy Kingdom Come has also included a crazy and inspiring song by – Cheeky Pandas
http://Oh Wow! (Awesome God)But where to begin…?
The Archbishop is taking questions about praying for beginners – it’s half an hour at 11 am this Thursday on Facebook Live @churchofengland. would be great to imagine all sorts of prayer adventures starting out around Chippenham – a way of embracing the world, including 5 of your own important people for 10 days with or without lockdown,

Please feel able to circulate this among any family or friends.
with warm and prayerful regards from the Kingfisher Messy Church Team at St Peter’s

Sunday 17th May 2020 -Easter 6

Enjoy, be encouraged – lift up your hearts – Alleluia Christ is risen!
He is risen indeed. Alleluia.
Today thank you Sarah Rolland-Jones for the best-recorded sermon of lockdown In my humble opinion, wrapped in great worship, set in St David’s Cathedral, another pilgrimage destination, one of great fondness for our family.
Worth catching this after the event!


(The programme is on iplayer from the BBC. It will ask you to sign in or register to create an account, then sign in to watch the programme. Also, it will ask you to click to confirm you have a TV licence. It is on the BBC and all of it is safe.)

 Good to be back in touch, just as it has also been a privilege to be out and about in the sunshine and breezes of this past week. Despite not all of us being able to enjoy the outdoors at the moment, we are probably all sensitized to the vulnerability of the natural world and its seasons.

So it seems highly appropriate to offer worship themed for the agricultural year this weekend. More explanation and prayer resources are available on the third page. The service itself is shorn of its previous canticles, offering instead songs/hymns, whose words are on page 2, and the most unfamiliar one hopefully linked up below. Look further down and you will find another step in Bishop Stephen Cottrell’s Pilgrim Poetry: ‘Striking Out’.

In order to be still
On the final few days of my pilgrimage, the Camino del Norte joins a more popular Camino Frances. Where I had been on my own, now I was among quite a crowd heading for Santiago. On the way to Arzua, I kept passing a lovely old Italian man named Antomio. He must have been at least 70. He walked slowly, and never seemed to take breaks. I would overtake him, then stop for a coffee or to say Morning Prayer, and he would overtake me; then I would start walking and pass him again, and so on throughout the day.
He din’t speak any English and I don’t have any Italian, but we always exchanged a greeting. ‘Piano,Piano,’ he would say to me. There is no precise English translation to this modern Italian usage. It means ‘gently, gently,’ or ‘softly, softly’ or ‘step by step’. It means we are getting there.
In Arzua, I went to Mass. Antomio was there. As he hobbled back from Communion, his feet obviously hurting, he was weeping. I don’t know why he walks or what sadness he carries.

At the end of the Mass, the priest invited all the pilgrims present to come forward. About 20 of us shuffled out. I recognized many of them, my fellow pilgrims. The priest sprinkled us with holy water and blessed us. Then I found I was weeping too. I didn’t really kow why. I think it was because life is so precious and beautiful; and you don’t need to go to Santiago to find this.

‘I am putting my best foot forward now,
not knowing where the next step lands, or how
these .multiplying steps together prove
the distance each from each, deceiving love.
So many miles travelled ad each stride
is an eternity. I’ve often tried
to fasten this conundrum down in words –
the long distance back to where I started,
the endless depths of each step. It is absurd.
Pilgrimage is not for the faint-hearted.
You walk and walk in order to be still
and emptied out of rational thought until
the road itself conspires to  fill your days
and all that you have left to give is praise.’
with warm and prayerful regards
especially as we head towards Ascension Day this Thursday,
and the start of a new phase to the prayer of the Church of England
in an initiative called: ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ until Pentecost Sunday.
St Peter’s Vicarage
Tel 448530.

Enemy of apathy – by John Bell

Morning Prayer – Rogationtide

Friday 15th May 2020

The Iona Community – 3 Minutes on ‘praying with the imagination’, Fiona Haworth

Wednesday 13th May 2020

Apologies for the delay in supplying this text of a ‘Thanksgiving for the Resurrection’ below in Easter 5 Resources. Do please use these words in conjunction with one of the previously provided Easter Services/Prayers and Ivan’s newsletter.
The mentioned link to Laura’s Christian Aid sponsored climb of Snowdon:
Warm and prayerful regards on the journey

St Paul’s Cathedral series by Prof John Swinton. Specially commissioned reflections by John Swinton on love in the time of Covid-19

Part 1. Be assured, love will win.

Part 2. A Picture of Love.

Part 3. Love and the Power of Small Gestures.

Sunday 10th May 2020 – Christian Aid Week, Easter 5
In an unprecedented set of circumstances that are so threatening! which test individuals and organizations alike,
Christian Aid Week is totally different this year.
It is right to open our account in the Chippenham area in prayer and worship,
to acknowledge with the psalmist that ‘The Earth is the Lord’s and everything in it’
and that God’s heart for those most at risk in our world does – or will – prompt us to action;
just as it seems to take the determination of individuals to stir our politicians to think big too.

Please feel free to dip into this Special recorded worship, link below, or to linger for its entirety. (Thanks go to Dan Brown: FoodBox Volunteer)

It reminds us of the spiritual significance of our hands and the hands of others, as well as the hold of God.
It includes a welcome chance to pray with our own hands.
Further worship under the banner of Christian Aid Week, including a message from Rt Revd Rowan Williams, is on offer at 1300hrs. There will also be daily prayers online at 11 am from Monday.

I hope that you will take advantage of a great new set of offerings from Christian Aid throughout this week by clicking on any of these two links below, to stimulate your own actions.

This might be the first year where we actively send out invitations, e-envelopes, in the Christian Aid Scheme, identifying with this campaign, by offering its challenge and opportunity for generosity to our own friends and family. For me, this would be a first, prompted by these unique circumstances

Christian Aid Week

Whether you raise funds by exercise, joining in daily Quizzes with friends, family and celebrities, or wish to pray and give in the simplest way possible, may you know the presence of the Risen Lord with you, every step of the way; with you and with all who are worse off than ourselves.

with warm and prayerful regards
Revd Andrew Gubbins

St Peter’s Church & Christian Aid Chippenham

Friday 8th May 2020 – VE Anniversary Service, Live from Bristol Cathedral

In case an Act of Worship would add to your commemoration of this Anniversary: clicking on one of these links should get you there.


Wednesday 6th May 2020

Attached for your comfort and inspiration, a form of prayer regularly being used up and down the land, plus readings, psalm and intercessions for today, please use  Ivan’s prompts in the newsletter, (See the 3rd May newsletter at the very bottom of this webpage) and your own knowledge and concerns to fill out each intercession.
An appropriate excerpt for today below is from Bishop Stephen Cottrell’s Book ‘Striking Out’
entitled: ‘Even Shadows’.
Greetings, warm and prayerful regards today

Sunday 3rd May 2020, – Easter 4

It was not the most comfortable message to send out earlier this week appealing for us all to think and pray again about our part in St Peter’s finances. Before laying out our worship resource this weekend, I wanted to acknowledge the jeopardy, anxiety and even pain that many of you may well be wrestling within your own personal circumstances and finances too.
Thank you too to our finance and leadership teams, namely David, Ivan and Chris; Robin, Sharon, and Vivienne who wrestle with our Church’s realities. Soon we will have to grasp the nettle of modern communication possibilities to see how we draw together the whole Church Council, and later in the year even convene the delayed Annual Parochial Church Meeting.
Whenever we ask people to pray about the sharing/giving of money at St Peter’s, we should always invite you to consult all whom it concerns, and so to pray about it as well ! Your considered response may be to offer more, to offer less or to stay the same. But unaffected by all this we celebrate an abundance of the Father’s love, the grace of Christ and the life of the Holy Spirit at work in each person.
This Sunday’s gospel from John 10 teaches us to trust more in the Good Shepherd, and speaks of an abundance of life too. Quite what that looks like in these times is quite a thought, so in the sermon slot I have borrowed words that caught my attention to help us all. Topics for intercession and many other insights are available in the link to Ivan’s Newsletter below
Also mentioned below is a Sunday link for people with children in the family, let me know if it is helpful. There is more where that comes from.
Warm and prayerful regards: please do not hesitate to be in touch with any concerns, comments or news of yours
Parish Priest, St Peter’s Church,

01249 448530.

Eastertide Agape

Easter 4 Resources
(The Church newsletter is at the bottom of the page)

Wednesday 29th  April 2020,

Midweek Worship Material to go with Agape Easter or Stations 14-16 of the Resurrection

Resources Easter 2 midweek

Sunday 26th April 2020,  – Service of Reflections

It has been a privilege and a surprising well of grace to be involved in the funerals this week of John and Alan. We have so much to learn from the example of their lives, and in amongst a terrific sadness now we look forward to the future opportunity to accompany Bev and Audrey more closely on this road through the valley of the shadow of death to further resurrection joys.
I offer you an alternative Service of Reflections – in the form of these Stations of the Resurrection.
There is no need to go for the whole marathon this Sunday, as the completion of them takes us through Ascensiontide to the Conversion of Saul. However, you may like to use the Concluding words at the midpoint too if you do choose to pause there.
On this occasion I have left you to curate an appropriate accompaniment of music or song should you wish – so they may repay a little preparation beforehand, perhaps arraying a safe set of candles to light, one for each station… a coloured cloth for your table, an object that you associate with the events described – yes you could go to town – or you could venture forth in all simplicity…
Alleluia Christ is Risen. I hear you say: He is risen indeed. Hallelujah!
warm and prayerful regards

Wednesday 22nd  April 2020,  – Eastertide 1

I attach some special words from Alan Scotford within the resources for an Easter Agape in the middle of this difficult week.
Our love goes out to both Bev and Audrey along with their dear families at this sad, spiritual, hope and faith-filled moment.
prayerful regards,
Andrew, St Peter’s Vicarage.

Eastertide Agape

Midweek Agape Resources with words from Alan Scotford

For those unable to be present at a funeral

Sunday EasterTide 1, Evening
Never let it be called Low Sunday again,
not after the heights of faith have been scaled (if you click below)
such as in these beautiful words on Thomas and his Risen Lord.
Thank You so much Rod, for all your craft and love for our Lord.
From Rod
  Dear Friends, Thank you for all your responses so far to the “Best line of a the best hymn” challenge. Without any spoilers, I can say that Charles Wesley is well ahead with 3 different line…
Also by Dave Walker
Foodbox 12.40 pm on Radio Wiltshire today. 19th April
On a more superficial note, you may catch your parish priest on Radio Wiltshire today being interviewed about the trends in FoodBox at 12.40pm.
warm and prayerful regards

Hallelujah!  Christ is Risen

Radio Wiltshire Live

Radio 4 – Sunday Worship
Meeting in Lockdown’ – Peace be with you! This was a deeply moving source of inspiration, wider awareness and comfort. if you have not already heard it. Wonderful music and worship, a deeply reassuring message, delightful blend of male and female, local and global.

A virtual service from Holy Trinity Platt, Manchester, reflecting on the experience of the disciples after Jesus’ resurrection when Jesus came to see them.

Worth joining BBC Sounds App if you have’nt already, worth listening to this.

Sunday EasterTide 1,  19th April 2020

Pilgrim Sheet 8

Eastertide Agape

Eastertide 1 Resources

For those unable to be present at a funeral

WednesdayEaster Week, 15th April 2020
Pilgrim Sheet #7. The pattern of Agape that I have extracted for your continued use during Eastertide is from the Prayer Book for Holy Week and Easter 2  by Shellie Michelle Ward, It offers us a different resolution of the losses involved in isolation to a service of ante-communion. I hope too that you will draw on the Easter Resource Sheet, including words from Canon Paula Gooder of St |Paul’s Cathedral, London; and Bishop Stephen of Chelmsford Diocese.
Your feedback and conversation following such liturgical moments are, of course, most welcome as ever.
I rust that you experience in the coming days the joy, peace and hope of Easter in amongst all the challenges.

Alleluia Christ is risen!

Eastertide Agape
Easter Week resources (wed)

Easter Monday – 13th April 2020

The FoodBox took a break last week, but is getting back up and running this week.
A rather wonderful, Easter rewrite of Leonard Cohen’s well known ‘Broken Hallelujah’… surprisingly sustaining an unbroken lyrical integrity throughout.
Happy Easter

Easter Hallelujah 2020

Called by Name:
A reflection for the Monday of Easter Week, (Celebrating Easter in a Good Friday World),
Dr Paula Gooder, Biblical Scholar and Chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral.

All Age Celebration Spring Harvest – Easter Sunday.

Easter Sunday – 12th April 2020

The prayer book many of you have used last week has one more entry for tomorrow.

Sign up to the Church of England’s #EasterPilgrim: The Lord’s Prayer reflections and receive exclusive emails over this special season:

Three Vicars Talking – Easter Special,
May need to create a BBC login to get to some programmes.

A New Poem – Easter 2020, by Malcom Guite.
This beautiful poem might just move you to tears, of truth and hope wrestling with jangling concerns about the news.

Easter Morning

Half light dawning. Women, grief scoured, fearful, go to the tomb. The earth quakes, the stone is rolled away. Terror blooms. An angel speaks, ‘See and go.’ They turn, frightened. Suddenly, he is here. They fall, holding warm feet. He is here. He is here. He is here… #EasterDay

Fiona Haworth, Iona Community.

Take a look at Pilgrim Sheet #6 right at the foot of this email, and as many of the links as will inspire you. Do join in with myself and the Greater Corsham today, and tomorrow at 10 am. Do please find an Easter Candle to light for your own home – safely of course. We will bring them all together when we return to the church building.
Andrew’s Easter pilgrim Sheet
Bishop Viv’s Easter Address

Bristol Cathedral Easter Service
, A service from Bristol Catherdal with Bishop Viv will be streamed at 10.00 am, as live on Facebook, Youtube and Bristol Cathedral web page. Here are included links:  The Cathedral’s Facebook page and YouTube channel  and  . A form of ‘Spiritual Communion’ is included at the end of this order of service.
Click here to download the order of service  so that you may join in this service at home as much as possible.

Joint Easter worship
with members of The Greater Corsham Team. 
On their page move to the right for the complete Easter Service.) Service and prayer booklet below.
Holy Week and Easter 2020 (2) Greater Corsham Team (1)

Easter Evensong
The RSCM, Royal School of Church Music in Salisbury, will be broadcasting a Big Easter Evensong at 6 pm Easter day.  To join in use this link below:

After Easter
Spring Harvest Home.

Spring Harvest Home is a completely free online conference programme with content suitable for everyone in the family. Lined up for the week after Easter, we have some amazing material all built around the 2020 theme of “Unleashed – The Acts Church Today“.13th to 17th April.

Saturday Evening
This night, tomorrow, for a whole 50 days, even for the rest of our lives we can celebrate how Christ has overcome! Hallelujah.

Good Friday – 10th April 2020
A Reflection for Good Friday by Revd Lucy Winkett, Rector of St James’s, Piccadilly, London.
Six imaginative accounts of the Passion from people who were eye-witnesses to it by Dr Paula Gooder, St Paul’s Cathedral, London.

Praise Song for the Pandemic.  Written and read by Christine Valters Paintner, from Abbey of the Arts and music by Giants & Pilgrims.

St Peter’s Church, Way of the Cross, Pdf – Way of Cross 2020,  Word – Way of Cross 2020

Artwork by Sieger Köder,  Stations of the cross including prayers by Padraig Ó Tuama.

12 – 3 with St Paul’s Cathedral, London, Good Friday

Service sheet –

Spectator – Walking the Way of the Cross.

A reflection is offered by Revd Canon Dr Martin Gainsborough, Bishop’s Chaplain.
It can be viewed here on YouTube.

Maunday Thursday – 9th April 2020
Waltham group churches Maunday Thursday.
It is suggested that you may like to begin no later than 7 pm if you wish to also honour staff of the NHS this evening at 8 pm.
Then if you are up to delving deeper into the experience of Christ’s vigil in Gethsemane, you could resume that focus from 8.15 until 9 pm, for instance.
Livestream too tonight from our Cathedral community.
So God’s Peace, the Shalom of The Lord’s Table, then the Lord’s Presence this night be yours wherever you are, however you are and prayers,  Andrew.
Holy Week Humour –  Dave Walker.
Renewal of Commitment to Baptismal Vows and Ministry,

Officiant & Preacher The Rt Revd Vivienne Faull Bishop of Bristol.

This diocesan service will be broadcast at 10.30am on the Cathedral’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Click here to download the order of service so that you may join in this service at home as much as possible.

Spy Wednesday – 8th April 2020
Holy week – April 2020
Just a nudge that Mon – Wed this week there is a delightful Cuppa based form of ‘Midday / daily prayer’ from page 11 in this download. You will need a bible.
journeying together.
St Peter’s Chippenham
Palm Sunday – 5th April  2020, Palm Sunday, Joint service with Sheldon Rd Methodist Church.
I hope that you gain something from this companion note – plus some worthwhile reflections on the Christian way with Trauma and grief. from an acquaintance of mine from college days.
There are of course multiple possibilities of places to turn for worship tomorrow, but I hope that you will at least take a look at the form of service created by Revd Pam Stranks on behalf of ourselves and Sheldon Rd Methodists. If we had been live we would have started at 10.30 tomorrow.
prayerful regards for Holy Week.
Andrew, Parish Priest, St Peter’s Chippenham.

Heading for Holy Week Pilgrim Pointer 4

Advance copy of Worship for Palm Sunday joint church

Palm Sunday 2020

Palm Sunday 2020

1st  April 2020,  – Midweek Passiontide.

It is a privilege to step out again with you on the journey today, or at any other point this week of Passiontide.

Passiontide anti-communion (1)

passiontide resources (wed)

28th March 2020, Lent 5 Theme – Passiontide.

Pilgrim Sheet #3

Passiontide anti-communion

passiontide resources


22 March 2020, Lent 4 Theme  -Live your faith.

National Day of Prayer and Fasting



Church service, 22nd march, – Streamed from Bristol Cathedral (facebook).

Bristol Cathedral (Facebook).

Church of England – Prayers and Services

Prayer of the day.


St Peter’s Weekly Church newsletter.

If you need a paper copy or have something you’d like to contribute, please contact the church office. It’s a Word file or Pdf file which will open in a new window or prompt you to download it. Select the latest church newsletter below.

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